i have a chance to trade my 93 mustang for a classic

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  1. im wondering if this is worth it i have a chance to trade my 93 mustang,for a 64 falcon,or 65 mustang,or a 69 dart i know this is a ford site but im a mopar fan to second choice is that worth it
  2. depends on the condition of said cars
  3. I would go with the 65 Mustang any day. Again, it all depends on the condition and of course mileage.
  4. ^Agreed. What are the odo readings? What kind of shape are they in?
  5. Did you trade your 93 Stang or hold on to it in the end?
  6. there all in good shape no rust the cars run.i woulndt trade if they were bad my gandpa tought me well im thinking about the sprint
  7. Id go with the stang or the dart. Would be neat to see pics though. Falcons are cool in their own right but seem like a old mans car or woman's cruiser.
  8. mustangs are one of my favorite cars there beautiful but alot of people have them the falcon im going to beaf it up ill post pics
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  10. Looks like the mopar is the most complete. I was thinking of another year falcon. Its a hard choice. Id say if you want rebel go for the falcon. It just looks cool. Like u said. Everyone has mustangs. But thats what makes parts hunting a lil bit more easy. I go for more of the rebel look so I retract my statement about that falcon, and would have to squeeze that one ahead of the pack by a nose.
  11. yeah true the mustang has a 302 falcon has a 408w mopar has 383
  12. If that Mopar was stock with the 383, and a manual..... Grab it! Otherwise, I'd prefer the Falcon if it's a solid Street Beast..... Just one other question...... Is this car going to be your main source of transportation, or Weekend Warrior?