I have a couple turbo engines if anyone is interested...and some wheels.

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  1. Hey everyone,

    I know I'm not here much at all anymore since I got out of the 2.3L game.

    But I did want to post this up because it's stuff I need to get rid of and I know it'll just get lost in the for sale forum (which is admittedly difficult to use anyway).

    First off, I have two turbo engines I need to sell. One is the original engine from my old '87 Turbo Coupe- mostly complete, minus the distributor and maybe a couple other things. Has about 130K on it if I recall correctly, and was burning oil at idle when I pulled it. It's also been sitting outside under a tarp for about 7 years. The other engine is an '88 model with unknown miles that is basically just a longblock (rotating assembly, head, cam, cam cover, not much else). Has also been sitting for some time in a shed.

    I'm looking to sell both of these engines for $200 firm- basically, that is scrap value, but I would rather see someone get some use out of them than scrap them.

    I also have a set of 10 holes, they're alright (kind of oxidized) and have bald tires on them. I will sell this whole set for $50 firm. Again, basically scrap value, but the tires have to be off them to scrap them and I'd like to see someone get some use.

    I also have two bare turbo coupe wheels, if someone really wants them I will sell them, but honestly I will probably just scrap them because I can get about $16 each for them for scrap.

    Anyway, all of the above items are pickup only but I can load it up. The engines and 10-holes are located in Burton, WV if you want to look up mileage, and I can arrange to meet you there and me or my brother can help to load up the engines.

    If anyone is interested, PM me or send me an email- ghunt81 at gmail.com. I would like to get rid of these sometime soon because my grandma has been throwing a fit about them sitting around at her place :shrug:
  2. Everything's still available...bonestock was looking for vams & computers, neither of which I have.
  3. forum is kind of old but im new around here and was wondering if you still had the engines for sale?