Progress Thread I Have A Problem

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  1. I hear you guys. I need to go check it out and see the true condition. Is the price he is asking OK. I read that Summit closed out that block in the early 2000's for $300.00 was thinking I would offer him that.
  2. OK I have actually been working on the car since I started the thread. I guess I will start with some of the parts I have purchased.
    Disc Break Conversion:
    Front Valance:
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  3. Always good to see somebody else make progress! My 69 Cougar is being put on hold-again.

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  4. must head to PHs house and pick my new five spoke wheels.:p:lol:
  5. is that C D an instructional Cd for installing those wheels? cuz i think they go on shinny side out:rlaugh:
  6. Hahaha!!! Thanks guys. The disc is just there to get an idea on the size of the wheel. Fronts 17x8 rears 17x9.
  7. that car must be an original poppy red?
  8. You are correct Sir. Why someone would paint it this terrible orange color I don't know. But here around town I have seen more than on in this color and I am like :confused:
  9. i like poppy red on a convert . i had a 65 fast back that was poppy red
    when it is fresh its a pretty color .
  10. This thread brings back many many memories of the resto of my car... I might have to find another to build. OP progress looks great so far keep it up!