Suspension I Have About $600 For A New Suspension, What Do You Make Of This Setup?

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  1. Are you trying to lower the car in the process?
  2. honestly, no. I just want a good aftermarket suspension that will grip the road. If I wanted to lower the car, are the shocks and struts something that I need to change to do so?
  3. It really couldn't hurt especially if there original ones. Bbk stuff is really good and stand behind there products. As far as the front goes, is this a daily driver?
  4. Yes, this is my daily driver. She squeaks on every bump and drives like a boat, lol.
  5. Have you checked the sway bar links and bushings?Good set of struts and shocks followed by an alignment would be a good start.
  6. Yes the bushings need to be replaced. What do you think of the shocks, structs, and control arms I posted?
  7. Can't open the site from android phone. As long as they are a step above OEM then should be fine. If you really want to bury it in curve on a county back road then your gonna have to lower it
  8. Subframe connectors and a little negative caster and camber will also be an improvement
  9. I'd recommend a good adjustable shock/strut. Strange makes some decent ones.
  10. Those are good parts, I did a quick flip on an 89 LX that someone already dumped a boat load of parts onto it. It had Tokico stuff and it rode nice. One last thing to check is the bushings in your 8.8 housing. Those usually rot bad so even after new UCA and LCA's the car still might ride bad or have wheel hop.
  11. I'd go with Strange 10 way adjustable shocks and struts. I did with my car and wow does it ride good. Haven't gotten her out to test the handling real good yet but just the leisurely drives I have taken it on, it rode amazingly.
  12. So it s a split between tokico and strange 10 way. Whats the point of an adjustable shock and struct? What about the control arms I pick out? Another thing, I want to eventually add a power adder, like a turbo. So all my planning is keeping that in mind. I also plan on adding some sub frame connectors and a struct tower brace.
  13. You can adjust for daily driving, drag racing set ups, or auto cross racing settings. There's a knob on them and they have 10 different adjustments. If I had my instructions still I'd type out all they say on them. They even give you quick settings to get you close with what you're doing. Like if you wanted to go drag racing one weekend, it would tell you a good all around base setting
  14. That is pretty interesting, I might look into a set of those. Just so we are clear, I am a pretty new to all of this. I need two structs for the front, two shocks for the rear. Upper and lower control arms, bushings on the gear box, am I missing anything?
  15. I'd add poly bushings for the front lower control arms and strut mount. Sub frames, strut tower brace and G load (K member) brace also make a big difference. Sub frame systems with jacking rails and interconnecting frame members, e.g. Stifflers FIT and Kenny Brown Matrix, really make a noticeable difference.
  16. I forgot about quad shocks, what is a decent pair of quad shocks? I am really liking what I see with the strange 10 shocks and structs. Where is a good place to buy them? Also, how is the noise on the strange shocks and structs?
  17. I've got the HP Tokico (Tokico "blues") shocks and struts all the way around on my car, with stock springs cut down approx. 3/4" and it rides and handles great. Stiffer than stock for certain, but still very forgiving on the rough stuff and it holds the corners really well.

    I've also got poly swaybar bushings and end links, Full length Maximum Motorsports sub-frame connectors, Kenny Brown strut tower brace, Steeda adjustable upper rear control arms and HP Megabite Jr adjustable lowers.

    The car corners flat and is more than capable of puckering the sphincter of anyone planted in my passenger seat.

    I'm very happy, for not an overly large layout of money.
  18. What about quad shocks?
  19. Most people remove the quad shocks. They're useless junk.
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