I have heat again.

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  1. I went slow ans easy. Ended up with 3 extra screws and a sore back and hands. Now I can continue to be the victim of Miata fly bys in sub *40 weather and be comfortable.
  2. Don't you know they all like it fast and rough?
  3. I don't run in that lane on the highway.
  4. Im jealous, burr
  5. This was the easiet heater core swap ever 'cause I didn't help, just supplied the garage/tools! :D

    While he did that I did some exhaust changes on my LX. Any project on a Mustang is easier than a heater core swap!

    Does anyone else have to take Dramamine (motion sickness pills) to work on their Mustang? If I go under the car and come out quick I try to spew and can't keep my balance. Heck that's fun!

  6. I think its just your body hasnt adjusted to working on one of your own vehicles yet. Give it time..

  7. my waffles have been roffled