I have no Luck

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Dennis Reinhart, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. OK I have no luck Jerry will tell you this, last year at this time I ran my Mark at Gainesville it ran 11.7 at 118 MPH they told me to leave it did not have a roll cage, so I had one installed and then pulled the motor added a T Trim, last week we did 3" mandrill bend duels, the car sounds awesome, tonight I took the car along with Gregg Hennings Marauder, to Gainesville the last night for the season.

    So I pull up to the staging lanes do a horridness burn out, stroll on up to the lights try to keep from spilling my coke NOT, and wait for the light, I am off, the car is a rocket every one in the stands is on there feet, the car spun out of the box my 60' was 2.005 so I was dissapointed with 11.803 at 121.75 MPH the car hit the rev limit on the 1/2 up shift and again on the 2/3 this probably cost me three tenths or more, so I say to my self no problem I will manually shift the car next pass WRONG ANSWER I am asked to leave the car does not have a six point seat belt, I am ****ED.

    So I go to Gregg's car, he has a Vortech kit I sell for the Marauder with 4:10's no PI it ran 12.79 at 107.65 Now this is on 18 "wheels with huge Nittos, and fellers this is on 8 PSI with a 12.0 AF This car has only 580 miles on the clock This is SCT tuning at its best, so again I am totally pleased with my power and performance set up, if I installed a 3.48 Pulley on this Marauder the car would catch another Marauder I did that ran 12.36 but it was on 17" wheels, so I hope every one has a good weekend, the Cobra Marauder project car is coming along Nicely this car will go will be a Monster.

  2. Wow. Now THAT's a Mark 8.

    Congrats on how powerful that thing is!
  3. :eek:
    Sucks about the seat belt (especially on the last day!) but wow, fast!
  4. :jaw: wow, thats one powerful mark 8