I have pics how to post?

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  1. I finally have pics but need some help. thanks in advance, Phil
  2. go to www.mustangmods.com and register an account with them, upload your pictures, copy the URL of the picture(s) then when typing a message you can either do {IMG}URL{IMG} but replace the {} with [ and ] or click on the little image button at the top of the text box if you clicked "Post Reply" it'll be a little yellow button, and when you click it, a window will pop up asking for the URL... OR you can just block the brown button at the bottom when you go to Post Reply and find the picture and upload it
  3. Sorry was having internet trouble last night. that site wont let me upload pics even with an acct upgrade the GF says the pics are small enough?
  4. did you resize the pictures? send them to [email protected] and I'll check them out for ya.
  5. for one time use....tinypic.com
    or for multiple time use.....photobucket.com
  6. I finally got it figured out,the pics were fricken huge, they were even bigger than the upgrade package from mustang mods. My GF neglected to tell me this as she has A.D.D, so needless to say it took a whole lot of resizing. The pics are in the spring is here thread in tech. Thanks for your help guys. Phil
  7. my first shot at posting pics, sorry, not really in touch w/technology

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