i have some dyno proof on k&n filters, ya know ya wanna see it!!!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by stangman, Feb 9, 2004.

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  1. :banana: Great, with 33% drivetrain loss my car almost makes 600HP :banana:

    I need to call Ford, 5.0 Mag, Hot rod, MM&FF, Road & Track, Car & Driver ... and everybody else for the amazing news ! :hail2: :hail2: :hail2:
  2. i dunno if you realize the difference between a dynojet and a mustang dyno
  3. so what are your mods
  4. You got lied to. 33%....heheheh....that's funny. Sounds like somebody wants you to come back and use his dyno again or send your friends.
  5. So does this mean your going to drive around with no filter?
  6. You can't compare runs from different days, there are too many variables. Temperature, baro pressure, humidity, fuel, spark plugs condition, air filter cleanliness, etc.... Its meaningless without doing the runs back to back. Obviously you get more rwhp without a filter - thats no shocker there. Sounds like a waste of two dyno pulls to me. :shrug:
  7. that 30 percent figure was probably directed to Crank horsepower.
  8. I took my air filter off and was squirting carb cleaner in the TB to get the carbon desposits built up in the intake. I could start that car but that was about it. If I gave the car any gas the TB would open and stall the car. I can't run without any kind of filter. Maybe also because my sensors weren't there as well :)
  9. ok well the pulls were FREE cause my shop owed me a couple (whenever you spenf 500+ you get a free pull, & i have a few still to use from my last car)
    and i KNOW that you can't truely compare two different days on a dyno, BUT the weather WAS close enough to at least compare resonably.

    & no i'm not running without a air filter :rolleyes: the only reason i did a pull without it was because i didn't happen to have my stock one there. & i just put those number in there, both corrected & non, was for fun. Dear God people lighten up. i didnt go out & try to disprove anyone, it was a spur of the moment thing, that i thought had some interesting results. if it rubbed you the wrong one cause you may happen to have one under your hood, oh well. i'll be sure to get another dyno before i put on my l/t's & mid pipe, with back to back runs :rolleyes:

    and yes there is about a 30% drivetrain loss on a MUSTANG dyno, go do some research before spouting off :notnice: the guy that actually installed it told me that, he already had his money, it could have sat there & never been used, for all he cared :rolleyes:
  10. Nope. Dyno runs from different days are NFG.

    You should have had 3 runs with the stock, 3 runs with the K&N, all the same day to really see any decent comparison.
  11. doesn't your computer have to adjust its settings for the k&n?
  12. WHAT ARE YOUR MODS!?!?!?!?
    ARE YOU EVEN MODDED? If you aren't how can you even think you have 296 FWHP!!
  13. Yeah, you should unplug the battery to reset the computer. It has to compensate for the new air filter. It really is rather difficult to do a comparison dyno on something like this because you should drive the car around for a few weeks so the car can "learn" the new setup. Likewise if you tried to go back to the original filter.
  14. Mustang dyno or not.. Your car is not making almost 300 HP at the crank being stock. No way, no how.
  15. dude, your making yourself sound like a complete ignorant fool! If you know anything about cars or building them whatsoever (and i promise you i do) you are nowhere near 296hp at the flywheel :lol: where do these people come from. You can roughly use that 30% if your talking your going to use the rwhp number from the mustang dyno. In other words if you put down say 200 at the wheel then take that 200 and multiply it by .3 then add that to the 200 to get your flywheel hp.

    200X.3=60.....total flywheel hp= 260hp so your right at the exact rating that it came with from the factory :lol: good job.

  16. I smell massive quantites of BS.

    Although I would love it if my stock GT were making 296hp. Perhaps it does if I rate the engine sans all accessories like they did back in the day?
  17. if hes making 296 at the fly, with 30% drivetrain loss, thats about 207 at the rear wheels.

    (296 x .70) = 207.2

  18. without for the layman
  19. just outta let you know it IS scientific, BUT, he just wasnt organized well. :p
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