I just got a new ride!

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  1. Well guys I finally bought a new Mustang. I got a 1991 LX with a five speed. This is my FIRST five speed. I had never driven a stick and stalled it once bringing it home on a 15 mile trip. It is no comparison to my AOD car. Guys I can hardly contain my excitement!!!! It's got 3.73 gears, full exhaust, subframes, front brace, throttle body, maf, underdrives and a short shifter. I'm thinking with some practice 13's are a possibility. It's like an emerald green with gray interior and it's clean. Oh, it's also got Pony rims with Toyo tires on all corners. My brother cut me a nice deal on it, man I finally feel like a real man! My only question is, how long does it take for the feeling that this car is insanely fast to wear off? :D
  2. A week? ;)
  3. Less than that... Maybe 3 or 4 days.

    Congratulations on the recent purchase.
  4. :worthlesb

    After a year, you will swear it's the slowest car on the road. lol, happens to everyone. Have fun with it, and get us some pics!
  6. it's dark right now, i'll take some pics tomorrow:nice:
  7. Yeah, you get used to it. Mine scared the SHEEITE out of me when I first drove it.. Now it feels like its a slow turd... But when I give someone a ride their like, OMG....LOL
  8. you get used to any speed. certain cars are just fast though, if your used to it or not.

    good luck with it.
  9. My car became slow the next day after I got on it...
  10. You'll be saving up for heads and a cam before you know it!
  11. I remember when I was driving my first Mustang (88 LX 5.0) home after transferring the title. I punched it on the on-ramp to the interstate (aka, "the launching pad") and it got squirrelly. I was grinning from ear to ear while my dad was in the passenger seat doing the same. As one of my friends once put it well, "This car has some serious balls." But, everyone's right, you'll soon be thinking of all the different ways that you can make it faster. And just wishing the money would roll in so that you could do it all! LOL Enjoy your new one...great cars!
  12. i got sick of mine in 2 days, give or take one. glad to see another 5spd owner. your car has allot of basic stuff done to it so its a pretty good representation of the good old 5.0. change as many fluids as you can and drive it.
  13. The feeling might last until you suffer your first loss. :nice: Congrats though. Like CarFreak I still remember when I got my first 5-speed 5.0 and the first time I got sideways. This was me: :D

    Enjoy [​IMG]
  14. well gusy i'll get pics up later so you can see my new favorite thing.
  15. congrats......Sounds like a pretty nice car, we need some pics!!
  16. :Word: it was the last day of august since i got to drive the stang, so home for spring break last weekend i rolled it out. drove it all weekend and still have a smile on my face. i left marks damn near all over southern MA though. :p
  17. stop by bridgewater sometime, lemme no

    but yea when i first got my stang...dam...it was stock except for a set of flows and a hurst shifter and it scared the crap outa me, i was only 16 1/2 and it was the 1st car i ever drove and man i use to shift at 2K rpm's, and then id get on it on the on ramps and my friends would be ****ting thier pants...but now it feeals slow (esp after being for a ride in a terminator) time for heads and supercharger
  18. see if its gonna be a daily car then u will wanna supercharge or n20 it in a week!! But if u have nother d/d..then everytime u get in it it will feel like a monster...i have an 01 mercury sable dohc which gets up and goes can handle enough hondas to make me a proud owner...anywayz when i get into the stang on sat night..im like ****yea! this is what im tlakin bout...then after my first 0 - 100mph..im like thats y i need the nitrous!:D ...this thing is lsower hen ****..meanwhile whoever is on the passeneger side is usually holding the top pillar...and squeezing there feet into the floorboard....kinda like the way FRED FLINSTONE stops his car!!