I just ordered wheels and tires!!!!

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by allcarfan, Dec 1, 2003.

  1. I just ordered my new wheels and tires!!!

    I got 17x8" Chrome bullets with 5.5" backspacing. I ordered some adapters that are 3/4" thick to give me my ideal backspacing of 4.75" The adapters were $140 for a set of 4 made to my specs.

    I also got some Nitto 555R 245/45/17 tires and some hankook performance 225/45/17 tires. They are going under a 66 mustang. I will probably be rolling my fenderlips!

    I got them mounted, balanced, and shipped...new for under $1500.

    THe payment plan with the discount tire credit card is $70 a month for 24 months. I will have it paid off long before then. its a deal you cant beat!!

    I will post pics as soon as I get them...now that I have a dig cam!!!

    i gotta get rid of my old wheels and tires now!!!

  2. Sweet man. Can't wait till im far enough in my project to order some new rubber.
  3. Maby i can help you with that. What kind do you have?
    Also, Great deal. I know they will look good.
  4. Shane,

    Where did you get the 3/4" adapters?


  5. Hankook and Nitto on a Mustang just doesn't seem right. Maybe my xenophobia is showing! As long as you are happy, that's what counts.
  6. Having the spacers custom made from a guy that sells them on Ebay.

    As for the nittos and hankooks....the nitto drag radials are some of the best around. The hankooks....were $82 a piece! lol. I couldnt pass that up! The car will only be driven a few miles a week, so i figured what the heck.

    now, i just need to get the rest of it finished!
  7. I ran Nitto 555s on my '99 Cobra for three years. They are great tires. I'm guessing the Nitto's in this case are the Drag Radials. Again, a great choice! Not sure about the Hankook but the price point is right.

    I had a flat at about 50mph on the freeway with the Nittos. I drove about 2 miles before pulling off the freeway to change to the spare. The Nitto was destroyed (internal sidewalls) but there was absolutely no damage to my $300 18x9 rim. Road hazard covered replacement of the tire and it saved my rim.

    I'm planning 245x45x17 Nitto 555s on my '66 coupe. Sitting on 17x8 TQIIs.

  8. Good choice; 'Bullitts' look real good on the classics, but IMO the current backspacing (designed for the newer models) just don't give the classics a deep enough dish, they would be so more aggressive looking if we classic guys could get more like a 4 - 41/2" backspace on a 17 x 8 / 17 x 9 rim....oh well we have to take what we can get sometimes I guess.

  9. they make a 4.5 backspacing.....but....i dont think a 245 tire would fit because of it.
  10. nice buy... :nice: they should look good, anyway. i have the mach 1 rims which don't have much deep dish effect at all and IMO it still looks pretty sharp
  11. what other choices did you have for backspacing. I've been thinking about trying to squeez these under my stang [​IMG]


  12. from discount tires, ,they came in 4.5 and 5.5" backspacing. THose are the same wheels I just ordered.

  13. Is that 4.5" backspacing you speak of offered on the 9" rim or the 8?

  14. 8"
  15. I was just about to pm you to see if you wanted to buy my rims. :(

    Just kidding :jester:
    Sounds like a great deal. Post pics ASAP.

    BTW- what's wrong with Nittos on a classic ! :nice:
  16. Haven't you heard...we classic guys are only supposed to run 5" wide bias ply tires....God knows if we get decent tires to actually hook our "pushrod" powered beasts to the road these late models (OHC) guys would never win a race! :rlaugh:

  17. How true. Or, they could pull back the dust cover on it parked in the garage, turn on the old movie projector of that trip that they did down ole Route 66 and get out the popcorn. :D Drive em or give em to a museum.
  18. I bet it's gonna look great!
  19. allcar,
    can you post some pics of the adapters when you get them ? Let me know how they work out. I have a set of 16 X 7 or 8's from performance wheel and want to use them. If these are the same adapters as those in the mags for $300 bucks then I will go with them.

    thanks in advance