I just picked up the ICE liquid polish. Anyone use it?

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by SmokinSaleen, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. I just picked it up to try on my black Saleen tomorrow. Has anyone had any good or bad news or experiences with it? A guy at work recommened it. Thanks.
  2. how bout YOU tell US how it is?? :D :shrug: im interested!
  3. Yeh!, Give us a play by play, how did you like it????
  4. i hear its really good.
  5. Mobb from the 5.0 talk sections used it, and loved it.
  6. I like it
  7. i love the stuff. use it all the time.
  8. its useless, wax as you dry is way better.
  9. I prefer Poorboys Natty's blue myself. Can even be put on in the direct sunlight and has no residue. Comes off like it was in the shade plus leaves a deep wet looking shine.
  10. I got some for free for entering the Funkmaster Flex show, but haven't used it yet. I hear it works well though.
  11. Its kinda greasy...... its weird. Its cool that it doesnt bake on your car but its kind of crappy if u ask me. =/
  12. I tried it wasnt too happy so I went back with my Clear Kote...man clear kote works awesome.

    with clear kote

    94 GT stock paint (besides hood/bumper)
  13. This stuff is probably the worst wax ive ever used. Honestly. The final product after using it, feels and looks bad. I gave it to my friend cause he was outta wax
  14. :nono:
    Car looks sweet man! I'm actually adding ClearKote to my product line.
  15. make sure you dont put to much on. i dont like it that much. very greasy
  16. anyone ever tried Zaino. I hear it's pretty good stuff.
  17. Thats becasue its not a wax. Its a POLISH.
  18. Well then it's also a bad polish, doesn't remove or hide anything. It is intended to be a wax. Zaino calls their line a polish as well, but they really fall into the line of sealants.
  19. Its a synthetic polish.
    It also depends on the condition of the paint for how it actually works.
    Only use a microfiber towel for removal.:D