I JUST WON $20,000

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  1. WOW!!!, on a scratch off ticket lol, :D wow, ill let you know a little later what im going to do with the money!!
  2. NO WAY MAN, THATS SUWWWEEEEEETTTT, sell the GT and by and 04 cobra!
  3. How much do you get after the tax man gets his grubby hands in it?
  4. The government can't take more than 50%. You'll probably be left with something like $12,000.

    Remember that if you don't withold your taxes now, you'll have to pay it when you file...so make sure you don't blow it all.
  5. Feel charitable? :shrug: J/K man congrats
  6. KB!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. invest it, or save the majority of it. give some to your parents, and some to me :).
  8. Pffffft...

    Blow that **** on some car parts :nice:
  9. $20k free mod money :D

    You lucky @(#*$(@& bastard :mad:
  10. Invest it. Maybe spent 1-2K on parts but invest the rest.
  11. Parts or Cobra
    and congrats
  12. agreed with investing most of it.

    its a once in a lifetime thing, make it make you some money for later. put it in the bank or somewhere wherre it will draw intrest and spend the intrest every year.
  13. haha this is crazy, i just called up the lottery co, and they said there is a 14% tax on the 20,000....so i will probably be left with 15-16 idk?, but i think i am going to pay off my college debts, and the rest will go to the stang.......wow lol
  14. buy both your parents something really nice:)

    then buy a plane ticket here and we'll spend the rest on strippers, booze and blackjack

  15. super i like how u think lol
  16. Invest it.... :rlaugh: If I won 20k I would be missing for atleast 2 weeks by the time they found me I would have nothing to show for it but some VD's and a hell of a hangover.
  17. Buy some Ford stock, its on sale :nice: (not kidding)
  18. you wouldn't happen to be interested in 2,416 posts would you :)