I JUST WON $20,000

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  1. Pay off debt. Your regular income does wonders when you have nothing owed. :)
  2. QFMFT
  3. Dont tell everyone you know, that you won that much money!! Trust me everyone will want some. And if you have a girlfriend be carefull she WILL make you blow it on her:nonono:
  4. :lol: :rlaugh: that's funny....but seriously, if you give, you will recieve.

    Spend a few hundred on your gf. Maybe take your parents some place nice. If you don't already have a house, BUY ONE! That will be a VERY good investment! And if you have money left over, spend it on your stang :)
  5. damn im left with nothing just lost the ticket
  6. No way did you get a pic or anything??????? Someone stole it.............:eek:
  7. LOL im jk about loosing the ticket that would suck though, i keep it in my safe but i am meeting with someone with the lottery co tomorow to look at my ticket and figure out the payment
  8. +65000

    3 more months and I get to test this :D
  9. [​IMG]
  10. damn very nice! I need to start buying lottery tickets! I'd pay off as much of my debt as possible. It's soooo tempting to mod, but ****.. if I didn't mod I wouldn't have any debt in the first place :bang:
  11. I wonder how many members of Stangnet have gone out and bought lottery tickets after reading this post
  12. I don't ever do scratch-offs myself, only Cash Five (aka pick five) and sports wagering.

  13. Me...

    I won 3 bucks.
  14. i just met with the lottery rep, they told me i can get the cash all at once but it will be less then receiving it in payments by about 600$ so what do you think i should do?
  15. all up front.
  16. Take it all now, It's free money.
  17. How do they spread the payments out? If it is over 1 or 2 years, I would
    take payments, why throw away $600
  18. na bra its over 3 years, yea im just going to cash out