35th Anniv I know I know, not the classifieds. And some pics

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by madmatt, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. I know, this will probably get closed or deleted, but I have an extra 35th emblem that I dont need. Does anyone need one? Its the passenger side. Let me know.

    Oh, and to make this thread worth something, heres some pics of my car and how far its come :D Lets see yours too.


    Its pretty stockish now. Mac catback, 3.73s, and suspension. I want another H pipe though, I miss being loud...:(

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  2. Black Bullitts vs Black FR500s... the question remains.

    Car looks great man.
  3. I like the Bullitts a lot better, dunno what it is. And thanks. :D
  4. Nice car!! Dont need the badge, but, put it away for a rainy day, never know when someone might steal an emblem. I used to have problems with cobra emblems, then I stopped using them.

    Anyways my car for the hell of it, next to my friends SICK cobra.


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  5. Yea Im just going to keep the badge. Ill sell it in 40 years for 10k or something ;) Car looks great man. Love the red ones.
  6. somebody tell me how to find out what number production my car is...


  7. Send me a PM with your VIN# and I can provide that info. Your GT is a true "Limited Edition" right? Two-tone Charcoal and Silver interior/black hood stripe/polished wheels/etc/etc.?
    Just want to make sure before we go further...

  8. Voorhees, if it's not much trouble, do you also know the website that has the value's for the 35th anniversary limited edition GT's. KBB doesnt list it, and I cant remember the site, i'd appreciate if you or someone knows, thanks. Sry if I hijacked the thread.


  9. I don't think your car is a Limited Edition, its just a regular GT.
  10. It's www.nada.com