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  1. But its old,

    So, whats every one currently listening to? The English radio station over here has been dead for a few weeks, I think that it got blown up or something. And theres no AFN :( Just seeing if there is any music worth checking out when I get home next month :)

  2. Where are you, in Iraq?

    I have't bought an album in a while, I'm just downloading stuff.

    Godsmack - Speak

    10 Years - Wasteland

    Evans Blue - Cold (But I'm Still Here)

    Hurt - Rapture

    Are the new songs I'm digging.
  3. Tool's new cd, not as good as the older ones, but still Tool, and so therefore better than everything else out there.
  4. Up by Mosul right now.

    The PX is severely lacking in quantity. I didn't realise so many people loved American Idols greatest hits... so much so that there are stacks and stacks waiting to be bought up.

    Thank god I brought some Breaking Benjamin and Distrubed with me.

    I didn't even know Godsmack had a 4th album out...
  5. ive been listening to "the mitchell brothers" and "leo the lion ", lately both are from the u.k.dont know if this is your cup of tea.
  6. albums:
    Tool - 10,000 Days
    Rob Zombie - Educated Horses
    Diary of Dreams - MenschFiend
  7. I heard in the new Tool album all the songs are like 7+ minutes long, is it true?
  8. -New Atreyu CD
    -Panic At The Disco- I Write Sins Not Tragedies
    -Jay Z- Blueprint 2
    -Eminem- When I'm Gone
    -Gladiator Soundtrack
  9. Vicarious 7:08
    Jambi 7:30
    Wings for Marie (Part 1) 6:30
    10,000 Days (Wings Part 2) 11:15
    The Pot 6:24
    Lipan Conjuring 1:13
    Lost Keys 3:48
    Rosetta Stoned 11:13
    Intension 7:23
    Right in Two 8:57
    Viginti Tres 5:02
  10. e40- ghetto report card..DL "im da man"...song slaps
  11. Iron Maiden right now.

    Hooray for the roots of metal...:hail2: