I know you guys are sick of hearing me but i need some advice..

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  1. I don't know what to do anymore, I've ran out of ideas. I have two four cylinders I've jumped on without really thinking over..I know some of your are saying wtf? I thought you were going to 5spd swap your '93 and turbo charge the '88...well I don't know if either of them are worth it. Should I fix them up and sell them? Sell them as-is..Fix the '88 and sell the '93?? If I do that will I get all the money back that I put into the car for maintance work? Probablly not. It already needs a transmission rebuild. I dunno, what I'm saying might not make scence, it dosn't to me. All these ideas and questions are running my head and their driving me crazy, I dont know what to do! Maybe you guys could give me some ideas..

    Thanks again,
  2. I'd probably just sell the '93 knowing you are going to take a hit on it since the trannies shot. Not your fault or fair, just the way of things. Just get rid of it. Do a low budget turbo project with the '88 or sumpin. If it rust's away to nothing, who cares, you'll have less in it than most kids are paying in 6 months of car payment's on their eclipse.
  3. come on,
    Put turbos on both, THEN sell them.
    A tranny is like 65 bucks in the junkyard. Don't you know how to change a trans out?
  4. put a working trans on the '93, sell it, and use the money to mod the '88

    btw, how do those turbine wheels look on the '82, any pics of that ?
  5. eh..I only put them on to get a lil traction for cheep. The TRX Metric tires i had on the back were bald..dident want to pay 250 for each tire so i ditched them. I shoulden't have. but I did..now I'm looking for those wheels again...

  6. I would sell the 93 and turbo swap the 89. Does the 93 run and drive ok now or is the transmission completely shot?

    Trust me, I go through what you're going through every day. My deal is that I don't know if I want to buy a newer car for a daily driver, or fix up my 89. For now, it gets the job done so I try not to think about it and concentrate on my 94. (which is at my parents, 5 hrs away)

    I see your problem though. It's hard to let a whole entire car go for $1000 when it's worth more than that to you because it's essentially a blank canvas for your dreams.

    IMHO, 3 cars are too many when 2 of them aren't perfect yet. Unlike some of the other guys on here, I'd say 1 project at a time is best.
  7. Yeah as of today, that seems to be my plan. I just put the '93 outside of my house today.

    The '93 runs great. Except for timming belt on its way, transmission JUST about gone (Driveable). I drove this car for a few months and it was fine untill cold weather came around, trans started slipping. Paint is great, Interior is nice and clean :) and the undercarrage has no rust. Its one solid car. Its a shame that it has 180K miles and a slipping trans...

    At this point. I woulden't really mind letting it go for 1000 bucks, but I know thats not going to happen. We had a hard time selling a very nice caddy seville with a rebuilt motor for $850...Not just anyone is going to take a '93 mustang with that many miles and a bad trans...Unless your doing a 5.0 swap..

    Right know I'm working on getting shocks/struts and springs for the '88. The way it handles now is dangerous...Next...is getting that trans rebuild...shhh, dad can't know...

    Thanks for your reply Nut ;)
  8. No problemo, opinions are my specialty! :rlaugh:

    I meant to ask you, are those leather seats in the 82? That car looks very very nice! Got any pictures of the inside?
  9. Thanks! Not too many people compliment about the car...Don't understand why. :shrug:
    Its the only '82GT i've seen with as many options..I belive it has everything but the Recaro seat option. Most '82GT's you see do not have cruise control.

    The reason why I have this car today is because my fathers last Mustang was a '69 Super Cobra Jet and felt bad for getting rid of it. So when he got the '82GT in '83 he drove it around for a few years, and switched with his '82 Escort every winter..He got lazy of switching the cars every season and kept it in the garage in '87ish??. It was now my turn to bring her back out this year..

    Its now my baby, and man do I miss her..Can't wait till spring!
  10. Niiice :nice:

    So, are those factory leather seats? I love the T-tops. I had an 87 GT for a little while last year that had T-tops. White with red interior. :notnice: I might have kept it if it had grey on the inside though. :shrug:

    I miss the T-tops although I remember always being paranoid about leaving them out with the car unattended.
  11. nice interior
  12. trx rims

    I saw a set on ebay yesterday. Should still be there. The auction said that michilen (spelling?) is not the only company to make them anymore so you may be able to find the tires cheaper now.

    here is the link:
  13. Thank you. Yes Michelen (SP?) WAS the only company to make the Metric sized tires for the TRX wheels..Coker Tire now has the right to resele the TRX Metric style tires..crap load of money but...for a colector car (What Coker Tire specallizes in) its well worth it..