i know you guys hate this topic but i need your help!

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    i know that you guys totally hate answering these questions but i just have to ask. i have a 99 mustang V6 and its about time for me to put my dual exhuast on. i recently cracked my factory exhuast so now i gotta get the whole thing done so might as well go dual. i only have one question...what are the best sounding mufflers for my car?? i already know everything else i want i just wanna know what the best sound is. i refuse to get MAC, my cousin had it and it sucked...and my other choice is just taking my boyfriend Vortex mufflers from his old V8 exhaust...but really? what the hell would that sound like?? please help me out...i dont wanna drive around with my brother (who owns a honda) to have a better sounding exhaust than me!! thanks
  2. cant go wrong with flowmasters
  3. From a biased point of view, I'd say Flowmasters. I love hearing that rumble when i start it in the morning and it echos in my garage. It's like it's talking to me... :D
  4. well does it sound good on a 6banger?? i heard that it wouldnt sound right...?
  5. yes my friend has flows on his 6 banger and it sounds pretty nice considering the lack of 2 cylinders. im not sure what his exact exhaust set-up is (x-pipe, headers, etc..) but i will ask him when i see him and hollar back :spot:
  6. thanks for your help! i really appreicate it.
  7. no problemo. now post some pics of that car of yours in the meantime :)
  8. lol* i dont have many pics of it, i will one day though. in the meantime ill tell you about it. its a 99 laser red mustang. i have the mach 1 chin spoiler, mach 1 grill delete, the new mustang smoked headlights, foglights, factory 99 mustang gt rims, new mustang hood scoop, sidescoops, gt rear bumper with black inserts, i have a panasonic CD player with 2 12 inch eclipses powered by a rockford fosgate 2400 watt amp, um lets see...i also just bought brand new seats with my name embroided in the headrests and thats all i can think of right now. but ill let you know when i got some pics up.
  9. My opinion: it sounds like crap unless you have a CAI installed to let it breathe. The difference is very noticeable.
  10. indeed, not to mention that exhaust site is missing the best sounding exhaust, the mac dualies! my only problem with the flows is that they have that popping sound! its good to have popcorn if your going to a movie but not while driving! the macs sound just as good, and no popping!
  11. I have a dual echuast with a 2 flowmastters and sounds great.. then i put my K&N CAI on and guess what.....the sound didnt change AT ALL. its not louder its not deeper its nothin unless you have the hood open then u can hear it suckin in but when the hoods closed you cant even tell its there.
  12. I think the decceleration popping noise is a good noise. I personally love my Dynomax CDC setup. I get a nice rumble from them, and they wake up pretty good under load. Gotta love that gurgle! Can't wait to replace the rest of the exhaust system when it is time!
  13. i found the Borla exhaust for 500 bucks and i was just wondering if it would sound gay if i put it on my 6 banger. and i also wanna know if it would be a direct fit. its from a 99 saleen and my cars a 99 so plz let me know. thanks
  14. We have a couple of 03stangs. An LX and a GT, they both have flowmasters(2 chamber) installed with the stock exhaust systems, they both sound good.
  15. If it is just the catback, yes you will need an Hpipe to hook to you headers. You cannot use anything but a V6 designed midpipe.

    MAC is not crap. Where and what type of exhaust have you heard. Here is a clip of mine with High Flow Hpipe and Catback both MAC and they are awesome. Read the post that goes along with the thread and you will see who one the db rating from all the v8's!


  16. nice 'travis', sounds almost exactly like my baby, but i gots stock cats... and 2.25 inches throughout, but it still emits a similar sound.
    also, i didnt like 'darrens' at all, the idle... i guess he has some kind of computer chip thing that is making it fire like that, but yeah darrens sounds like an older (MUCH older) V8 would sound at idle... not a fan, MAC all the way!
  17. True dual's bolt in and try Magna Flows with a H pipe,,,,I love the sound, took about 1500 miles to break the mufflers in, no popping I'm running a 2.5 system,
  18. sounds really good!! i actually like it. how much did that cost you?? the whole other thing is that i cracked my stock exhaust right behind my cats so i cant put a bolt-on on because i will still have that crack. is there anyway i can have a MAC exhaust welded onto my car??? sorry for all the questions, i just really have no idea
  19. Yes, darrens car at idle sound wierd, but that is from the CAM that he put in. It is not a chip thing but a better and different cam that he is running.