i know you guys hate this topic but i need your help!

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  1. oooh, interesting, i was thinking it was along the lines of what the 'BULLIT' mustang has, i do believe that has a chip that makes it sound the ye' olde' billet!
  2. ravins sound good they don't have deflectors like flowmaster i think they sound teh better at least at upper rpms sound more like a v8 instead of a v6 trying to pretend to be one ( i would know having both flows and ravins on my car) i also installed a o/r X pipe when i put the ravins on but meh that shouldn't make too much difference
  3. I'm not trying to start a flame war here, but v6's don't sound nice having v8 type exhaust systems. I would chop the one exhaust pipe off (for a cleaner look) and not go with anything other than a factory muffler. Or I would get an exhaust muffler I once saw on a toyota supra which is also a six. (I know many people here are opposed to "import" type mufflers, but this one looked reallyand sounded clean and it wasn't 4" in diameter.) Just my .02 cents.

    Again, I didn't mean any disrespect.
  4. dumbass :nonono:

    there not "v8 type exhausts" dumbass they don't sound as good because there is less exhaust coming thru the pipes (read: 2 less cylenders) if you think dual exhaust is for v8's only your too ignorant to own a mustang and i demand you sell your stang and go buy a mullet mobile ASAP :fuss:
  5. yeah, think about all the other cars that have their' v6 models with dualies? like the tiburon for one, and i believe the chryselr crossfie has that configuration...
  6. Be nice 97v6Silver!

    You don't need to get a pre-made cat-back exhaust system welded in. I put my first exhaust system (MAC) on myself with handtools and never had any problems with it moving around. So don't waste money on precautions that aren't needed.
  7. LsRedy2Kstang, i have a quick question...what type of MAC mufflers do you have?? im getting my exhaust done next week because i failed my inspection today so i was wondering which ones you have because i like the sound of your car. thanks
  8. make sure you get a couple long 3 inch tips they make a big differance also from a buzz buzz to grumble grumble

  9. :lol: :rlaugh: :nonono: :lol:

    i always wanted a mullet mobile as a beater car
  10. :rlaugh:

    I'm too ignorant?

    I was just stating that most sounds that a v6 produces don't sound as nice as a v8. You could have dual exhaust on a v6, but please don't try to add flowmasters or any other muffler that creates a tone. It doesn't sound right(this is just my opinion)
    NOT TRYING TO START A FLAME WAR HERE-read this carefully and contact me if you have any questions. :)
  11. heres another question...you guys probably hate my guts by now...im in the process of buying my crome tips for my dualies, but i have a problem...whats a good length for them? 16 inches? 18 inches? 22 inches? someone please help me out...
  12. well heres another thing i gotta bug you guys about...is 3 1/2 to big to go for tips?? my cousin said that i would lose back end power but my boyfriend says that hes stupid. what do you guys say?? im not even really going for fastness, i just want my car to look sexy...and does the size of the tips make a difference in the sound of the car??
  13. Mount the system, then measure how much room you have to complete the system. Just don't let the tips stick way out behind the car.

    I'm partial to chrome tips stating as far back as possible toward the axle U bend in the cat-back system. I like to see a little chrome way back under the wheel wells.
  14. yes, i know exactly what ure talking about marvin, i love the way mine are visible there, and mine start from the mufflers on back, so the entire U bend is chrome too, lol
  15. you are starting a flame war by saying we shouldn't add aftermarket exhaust on our cars because it don't seound like a v8 well you know what you shouldn't waste your money on exhaust because it don't sound at a good as a v12...

    :doh: idiot
  16. good point lol, w00t, just make ure car sound as good as it can! mine sounds better than many GTs of similar years that i know! MUHAHAHA
  17. that i am, mac owns j00!
  18. ok, now i can say something here, you say they cant sound as good as a V8, wrong, they wont know unless you floor it, i have had people comment on my nice sounding V8 several times, only to have tell them it's not a V8, and they still want to count the plug wires
  19. Give Magnaflow's a thought

    One of our local V6 Mustangs has the Magnapacks GT cat-back and you can't even tell that the car has a V6 - it sounds more like a V8. There's mid-pipes made, too, that easily allow you to connect up to the GT cat-backs (I believe all you would need would be the extra hangars from Ford). If you want to sound loud, this might be an option. :nice: