I know you guys have all heard about the movie "The Passion of the Christ".

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  1. The Passion of the Christ?

    Whats that?
  2. right now its a movie, but the Passion of the Christ has always been the reason we have hope everyday :)
  3. Jesus came to me in a dream once, he told me to get twin turbos. He was right!
  4. -and that's not even the important stuff! :banana:

    Just proof you can't go wrong w/ Jesus. :hail2:
  5. I finaly saw it last night. I thought it was a realy good movie, extremely well made. The language was very effective, I'm glad it wasn't in English. There were to many white people though. If you think the movie is racist, you either haven't seen it or are stupid. If it showed any group as the most evil, it was the Romans. These Jewish preists that say it makes the Jews look like they killed Jesus are simply ashamed of their peoples history. The movie clearly states that god is responsible for the death of Jesus. It makes me wonder how many people have been killed in such a fashion, did they go through all that trouble for every guy who said he was the messiah? How will they know if the messiah ever does come? This movie gave me more questions about Christianity (and Judiasim) than I think I've ever had, way more than a could/shold ask here. From what was depicted in that movie, Chrisianity scares the hell out of me.
  6. nomuffler, shoot me a PM if I can be of service to you regarding your questions.
  7. i saw it and it was just crazy left you with lots of questions
  8. H E A V Y ! , I finally saw it on sunday afternoon. I go to movies and view the movie as well as analize the crowd. It was rather obvious that many who were in attendance came in with preconcieved ideas of what to expect. During the first 1/2 there was a very emotional flow of energy from the crowd. By the halfway point, looking around the cinema, it was obvious that the entire theatre had gone to the point of emotional disconnect and were silently/ motionlessly riveted to the screen. Other observations- "The sun never sets on the roman empire"- very realistic regaurding the brutality of the romans- this is how they stayed in power in a very tough time in world history. /-I found it very interesting, that I was under the impression that mel gibson was some variation of catholic and he niether portrayed mary or peter as holy. /-It was refreshing to see the devil's presence in a visible form throughout the movie-often we forget he is always present, especially when he has something to gain or loose. As 140 said, If you want further info, pm me. Later, Dan
  9. About the movie going crowd. Did you notice the little pause at the very end? It seemed to me like it was an added silence so that you could hear people crying in the audience. Maybe I'm just looking into it to hard.

    Yeah he made the desciples look like pusses :) Did you get the impression that John was represtened as Jesus's little brother? He was calling Mary "mother" before the crusifixion :shrug:

    Mel Gibson is a member of some sort of "ultra-conservetive roman Catholic church" according to Fox news.

    My girlfreind says the devil was a woman. I think it was asexual. Any thoughts?
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  11. By Joel C. Rosenberg, author of The Last Jihad and The Last Days.

    (WASHINGTON, D.C., March 30, 2004) -- A series of Easter-season miracles? Could be.

    In just 33 days, Mel Gibson's THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST has earned over $315 million in the U.S., stunning even the most experienced muckety-mucks in Hollywood. It's taken in nearly $60 million more overseas. Fears about anti-Semitic outbreaks remain, but so far have not come to fruition. Instead, a neo-Nazi in Norway has confessed to several bombings after seeing the the film about the death and resurrection of Jesus. A murderer in California and a burglar in Arizona have also turned themselves in to police after seeing the film.

    Christians throughout the Middle East, meanwhile, are stunned that Muslim governments are permitting THE PASSION to be shown to an eager public. The film is now showing Qatar, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt. It is expected to debut in the United Arab Emirates tomorrow.

    The notion of Muslim governments and clerics allowing such a powerful presentation of the Christian gospel to be shown in their countries is largely without precedent. Most Muslim countries adamantly refuse to allow Bibles, evangelistic Christian literature or Christian films of any kind to enter the country, much less be so free accessed.

    FLASH TRAFFIC has obtained an email from a missionary in Qatar describing the sense of shock and excitement Christians are experiencing as God opens up opportunities for the gospel to be presented in heretofore "closed countries." (See below).

    At the same time, THE PASSION seems to be prompting one criminal confession after another.

    "A Norwegian man trying to put his neo-Nazi past behind him confessed to bombing a youth group's headquarters in the 1990s, saying he admitted his guilt after seeing THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST," reported the Associated Press this morning. Johnny Olsen, 41, "said he conducted two bombings in 1994 and 1995 of a left-wing youth group's headquarters." Olsen, who previously served 12 years in prison for murder, "said he was moved to his confession by Mel Gibson's film that graphically portrays Christ's crucifixion. As he entered the courtroom for his detention hearing Monday, Olsen, in a choked voice, told reporters that 'Jesus lives' and 'I distance myself from my past and neo-Nazism.'"

    In Mesa, Arizona, a 20-year-old man "confessed to a half dozen burglaries, saying he felt guilty after seeing the movie THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST," according to the Associated Press.

    And in California, "a Texas man confessed to killing his pregnant girlfriend, whose death was originally ruled suicide, after watching the controversial film THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST," reported the Associated Press on March 26. The Los Angeles Times reported that the man went to see Mel Gibson's movie, then went to church and announced that he needed to confess a crime. From there he drove himself to the sheriff's office and turned himself in.

    Miracles abound, and there are still 13 more days until Easter.




    Today very possibly was the most significant day we have seen in nearly 12 years of living in the Middle East. To everyone's shock and surprise, "The Passion" was released here in Qatar. Just a few days ago when [NAME WITHHELD FOR SECURITY REASONS] prayed for it to come to Qatar in our prayer meeting (we knew it was opening in the United Arab Emirates in about a week), I honestly had no faith whatsoever that her prayer would be answered.

    You have to realize that until now we have only been able to show the "Jesus" film in Arabic to a handful of Qataris in the secret of a home setting. In the coming weeks, potential 10's of
    thousands of Arab Muslims will see this powerful portrayal of Christ's suffering and death.

    Today at 4:30 PM, our entire team went to see the film. Since all of us have heard many different reactions and responses to the film, I won't add very much to that discussion here.

    However, I don't think anybody who has seen this film [back in the U.S.] saw it in a theater which was full of Gulf Arab Muslims both men and women. In two short hours, more Qataris heard the Gospel than I have been able to reach in nearly 5 years of living here. The Arabic subtitles were completely accurate they didn't water anything down or change any language that Muslims would not agree with. All of us watched the film in absolute amazement in what God had done. The Muslims sitting around us were being moved, gasping, crying and reacting with disgust to the brutality that Jesus faced.

    Now if you have heard anything about why the Arab Muslims would want to see the film, you know that it is because they "heard" it was anti-Jewish, and since they hate the Jews, they want to see it. How interesting that God is using this film to communicate the Gospel and the very opposite spirit that might be motivating them to go and see it.

    The message to LOVE YOUR ENEMIES, and Jesus praying for them to be forgiven while on the Cross would hit the Muslim theater-goer in a powerful way.

    Just as Satan surely felt that he was winning when Christ began to suffer, ultimately it was the plundering of his house and his complete defeat. Muslims are going to see this film because of their hatred and in the end, the message they will hear is to LOVE. Is it not just like God to do something like that? They mean it for evil, and God means it for good!!

    Below is an excerpt from the newspaper article that was run today in the local newspaper: "International blockbuster film Passion of Christ will have a multiple release in Doha today. Qatar is to be the first country in the Middle East to screen the film."

    There is yet another motivation that Qatar had in releasing this film and that was to be "the first country in the Middle East" to show the film. Qatar is trying to change its image and portray itself as a tolerant Muslim country. Little do they know that this film is exposing their people to many truths that their faith categorically denies (The sonship of Christ, the fatherhood of God, the atoning death of Christ for the sins of the world, and of course, the commandment to "Love your enemies").

    We are still shell-shocked by what has happened and what will happen in the coming days.

    Please pray for these urgent requests:

    1. That this film will be allowed to be shown for a significant period of time. It is being shown in 3 different theaters, up to 4 times a day. Fundamentalists will surely be in an uproar about this unprecedented event. Just when we thought satellite television was going to be the most significant way for the Lord to sow the seeds of the Gospel, this film arrives in Muslim nations!!

    2. That this film will cause a major shaking and stirring in the hearts of Qatari Muslims leading them to salvation.

    3. That God will lead us to men and women who have been/will be impacted by this powerful film.

    P.S. Also mentioned in the newspaper article today: "Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat watched "The Passion of the Christ" at a private screening in the West Bank city of Ramallah yesterday and said it was not anti-Semitic. He watched the film with Palestinian Muslim and Christian leaders at his headquarters in Ramallah."

    I know I sent out the report of [CHRISTIAN LEADER's NAME WITHHELD] sharing the Gospel personally with Yasser Arafat a few months ago. May this film help him to come to Jesus and learn to "love his enemies," too!!
  12. As far as Satan goes - and the little baby - here's you something on that.

    And John does call Mary mother (Jesus talking) "John 19:27 - Then saith he to the disciple, Behold thy mother! And from that hour that disciple took her unto his own home." It's not talking about in a physical sense like we know - it is in a sense of holiness.

    Maybe that will clear a little more up for you. :)
  13. I saw the film last Sunday with a friend....I actually did not enjoy it. I thought it was too brutal and sad to be pleasant to watch. I guess that's the whole point, something like that is not supposed to be pleasant - but I probably will never see it again. It's cool that it's having that effect that 140 posted, though. :)

  14. Yeah. I def agree. It's not a "hey let's go see a movie!" movie. It's something you go to see because you want to see a close depiction of the truth. Hard to watch.
  15. :nice: thanks for the link.

    In the movie John refers to Mary as mother when they are following jesus to his crucifixion. That was what I was referring to.
  16. correction: It's something you see because you want to see a close depiction of certain parts of the new testament.
  17. Frumious,
    To me, truth and the New Testament are one and the same. I'm disappointed and sad to see you don't believe likewise.
  18. Your right, its an accurate depiction of the new testiment...the same documentation that has been proven year after year by other historical documents dating back to biblical times. Also if you want to go old testiment you have prophecy that has been revealed time and time again through scripture (and coincides w/ other historical domentation), from the fall of jeruselm to the re-establishment of the state of Israel in 1948, all prophecy inspired by God and revealed in our lifetime...the proof is in the pudding! You dont hafta believe the sky is blue, that doesnt change the fact that it is :D
  19. That is completely false. The prophetic books of the OT contain numerous errors. They purport to be written looking forward, but modern biblical scholars agree that they were written in retrospect. The rate of error goes down as more recent events (purported to be further in the future) are discussed. Just one example of a historical error:

    Ezek 30:10 Thus says the Lord GOD: I will put an end to the
    hordes of Egypt, by the hand of King Nebuchadrezzar of Babylon.

    Nebuchadrezzar never conquered Egpyt.

    But hey, why ruin a good story with the facts.
  20. Frumious, it is your information that is not correct.

    I recommend you pick up the Bible yourself and read it cover to cover. There are many helpful sources that will give you correct information as compared to the (so called) "theologians" that provided you with your information. Remember, God's word has been attacked for several thousand years now, so no matter what you hear and what evidence you use as fact to establish your faith, if it doesn't coincide with Gods word, it will fall short. Never been an exception. Never a new "proof", it's alway's all the same.

    It's sorta like kids kicking at their Dads ankle and the Dad allow's another kid to explain while he listens patiently.

    King Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon (Babylon being the world empire during his lifetime and following a bit after) did indeed defeat Egypt at the Battle of Carchemish on the Euphrates river. Ezekiel 30:10 is a prophesy written before the event. It happened exactly as prophesied. He did this during the 4th year of the reign of King Jehoiakim, king of Judah.

    Nebuchadnezzar was in the midst of a siege of Jerusalem when Necho advanced with his armies towards Jerusalem to meet Nebuchadnezzar. Nebuchadnezzar was forced to lift his siege of Jerusalem temporarily and advanced towards Egypt meeting Pharoah Necho at the Euphrates. Necho was defeated. The Bible is true.

    epilogue: Nebuchadnezzar, was not a believer in God during this time. Babylon had it's own gods. After some time had passed he was warned by a prophet that his pride would result in his kingdom being taken from him temporarily. He checked himself, but some time later in a brief moment of pride he surveyed all his kingdom and commended himself as king of the world, and forgot God had provided it to him (as God used him as a tool for His own purpose). He immediately became raving mad, he was driven from the palace and tramped around out of his mind like a wild beast for several years while his servants ran the kingdom for him. One day he came to his senses briefly enough to repent, acknowledge and praise God for His perfection. He was restored completely as King. He worshipped God from that point until his death.

    Remember, any mis-information you are given about the Bible is usually from some dude, mid-thirties to seventies in age, w/ a bunch of degree's and doctorates. His age and scholarship are a hilarious small drop in the pool of time and God's plan. His "proofs" alway's sound stupid when replied to with accuracy. He alway's has a real agenda, it's not to help mankind, it's usually selfish in nature, he's not a believer, but he does have a master. Even if he doesn't acknowledge Satan, Satan's got him, because the dude doesn't believe God is truth. Therefore he serves Satan in his petty way and ends up wrong and it's overlooked by the masses as they hold to the mis-information he gave prior. Satan alway's loses in this stuff, since the beginning, until his end. We'll all be there to see it.

    "Modern Biblical Scholars" you mention are pretty much a joke if you follow their life's and beliefs and establish their agenda. I say this respectfully to you, and not as a smack down.

    The Bible wasn't written in retrospect. That's hilarious. We know the time periods, sometimes to the year of each author, what kingdom he lived in, who the king was, what events were occurring, it's all there and fits perfect.

    Now if you want to talk hilarious, we could talk evolution. If a new "clue" to the evolution of the universe unfolds and it doesn't fit the picture, well, just squeeze it in and add a few million years to the total big picture until you can make it fit with everyone else's version. Just keep adding years until everyone at the table is nodding in agreement sitting around the table. With evolution, when in doubt, add age! hee hee!

    best wishes,