I know you guys have all heard about the movie "The Passion of the Christ".

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  1. Is anyone watching the history channel? "The Trial of Jesus"
  2. mm cant same i am...so little time, nothing usualy good on tv...i have more fun flipping pages (in a racerwalsh mag) than i do flipping channels! ;)
  3. I didn't know this was www.letsramreligiondownyourthroat.com. Maybe Mel Gibson will give some of the money to the Catholic church so they can pay off some of these people that were molested by priests. Don't bother trying to preach to me I spent the first 17 years of my life going to church 3 times a week and I'm not going to look at this thread again so don't bother replying to me. And to stay on topic I did see the movie and it futhers my belief of dark ages hocus pocus to keep people inline.
  4. No religion here bro, just followers/lovers of christ. The dark hocus pocus you hear or feel is not God. In this world you either have 1 of two masters...Jesus, our savior, or Satan who seeks to "rob, kill and destroy". Truthfully heaven sounds nice to me, i mean all that nashing of teeth and eternal seperation from God sounds a little bumming, i mean its like like a life sentance, its an ETERNAL sentance...not a till death do you part, its you never part. The only way to hell is walking yourself to it...it is said the gates of hell are locked from the inside.

    140cilx wasnt raming anything, if you posted " a 3in exhuast and a eletric turbo makes my 2.3n/a out run a ls1" i would call the :bs: just the same as anyone who post a load of lies.
  5. I'm still waiting for it on DVD with the english speaking option :D
  6. I didn't do that. I just recommended the Passion and then responded to people that replied to the thread. Plus this is the talk section, you click on topics of interest to you and respond to them as you'd like. :shrug:

    Since svoman2300 said he won't be reading, I'm just gonna toss in to anyone else who might open this thread up, svoman2300 has tripped over "Satan ploy # 1391". This ploy (I made up the number) is pretty simple and used pretty well worldwide w/ good consistent results for Satan. This is where you look at other people that have gone on before you and failed or done wrong (because they weren't really walking w/ God), or used religion as their means to selfish power. You point fingers at them and use them as your reason to reject God. "SEE WHAT THEY DID!" You refuse to believe the person you are venting your viewpoint on was in your shoes in the past and treat them like they are the enemy. I see this a lot. After people adopt this as their viewpoint of "God-stuff", they yell out their view and then cover their ears and won't let you talk or respond. I coulda done that myself when I was questioning life, but that would have still left a gaping hole in the question of, "What does God want from me? Why do we exist, why does He?"

    So, I refused that ploy after considering it way back. I don't base my relationship with God by looking at anyone elses lifestyle, walk, past, blatant evil's they are doing, claims, etc. It's just me and God, God and me.

    My point is, don't let other's failures and hypocrisies and evil's trick you out of a relationship with God. That's just simple Satan ploy stuff. He's got a zillion ploy's in his bag of tricks, but that's gotta be one of the most popular ones.

  7. That pretty funny that your statement turned into a link :lol: Its like 140 said, its a talk thread about a movie that so happens to be about religon. You don't have to click on here or respond. It sounds to me like some people are running around with a guilty conscience or just plain afraid of God. I know from experiense that forcing your kids into a life of church can leave a kid bitter and wondering if there is anything out there. It took me a decade before I desided to go back to church on my own will. I' have not found the church for us yet but the search goes on :nice:
  8. ****ing terrified.
  9. Do you really think Mason is crazy? He odered a few people killed so what. He was just a misguided fool. I use to get a kick out of his interviews, "I don't break the law I make the law." :rlaugh: I view him no more than a comic trying to be some body else. Now in Texas we don't set back and tell people to go kill someone hell we go kill them and eat them :puke: Hell I seen kids that would make masson look like a qiure boy. I think it is you who woudn't know crazy even if they was kicking field goals up your A$$. As for fear of God that is between you and God and only you two know the answer to that one and no matter what you tell anyone else.
  10. whoa whoa, we're all human beings here (as far as i know). We all have our own opinions and motivations. Now you should respect his opinion as valid without implying it as "satan's influence", and he should do the same for you.

    NOW you're treading the thin line between respecting his ideals, and forcing your ideals down his throat.
  11. Well said to bad I have yet to figure these words out and live by them :bang:
  12. That's a very good point Cougar and good thinking - sometimes I find it hard to believe anyone could just be anti-God on their own - but I know it is possible.
  13. 140 just so you know I'm not satan or do I consider myself a satan worshiper. I don't think he exists. Anyways, I am by nature a good person. I go out of my way to help people out. Even people I don't know. As a matter of fact I was sort of helping you out with some advice when you were working on your car at the SVOCA reunion. I'm sorry but I have had a "Passion" overload. I am sick of seeing it everywhere. Majority of christians are hypocrites. In my opinion if a person puts up a Christmas tree on Christmas or hides Easter eggs and gives little choclate bunnies on Easter they are not a Christian they are a Pagan. These are not Christian rituals they were brought into the religion from other forms of religion. I'm sure there are some people with good intensions who try to do the right thing but for the most I think alot of "religious people" (not just christians) are hypocrites. I'll just go on my way doing good to other people and living my life in a peaceable fashion, if your God is as loving as everybody says he is I'm sure you don't have to be a specific religion to get into "heaven". I'm outa here :spot:
  14. So, you believe that by doing "good" you will go to heaven...or maybe God will say, "ahh what the heck, sure you can come (pssst dont tell the christains wink wink*)". Your Good works dont get you into disneyland or on a plane to hawaii, so why would they get you into heaven? Jesus said " I am the way the truth and the life, No one (meaning no one) comes to the Father(heaven) but by me." Only through excepting Jesus Christ as your lord and savior can you enter heaven, and by not excepting His (bought and paid for..i/e the passion) free gift of salvation, you pick hell...eternity comes in two choices, smoking or non-smoking. God is a loving God, he declares in his word "I (God) desire that no man go to hell" ...why else would he have sent his only son to die for us? Now dont let yourself fall into another tricked mindset "I dont hafta believe this guy! hes outa his mind! i can do my good works and hope to get into heaven" ...i ask you, wouldnt you like to be a little more sure that "hopefully"...were talking eternity here. And best of all God loves me unconditionally, win lose or draw... he's cheering on the side lines, rooting for me. Christian smishtian, drop the title, Who is Jesus to you?

    i am human and just as falible as the next guy. I think the big misperception people have about christians is "a follower of christ must be perfect, afterall just like jesus right?". Here is what i know(know i my heart/head without a doubt) ...true christians are not perfect..they are forgiven. They fail, you can look to them and say "well they are like that, i guess i dont hafta bea christian now". let me translate this to something we deal with on a regular basis.
    I drive a mustang (when its running ;) ) ...i see lots of mustangs, usualy they are beaters, usualy the clear coat is peeling, running on 3 cylinders and hasnt seen a washbucket since the late 80's. Now, i look at those mustangs and say to myself "well everyone else is driving a crapy beat the heck outa mustang, no need to mess with mine, i fit in!" ....now when you see a awesome mustang, clean, shiny, growling as it goes down the street, for me..it inspires me to keep mine the same way.

    now back, i take care of my mustang the way i know it should be, not based on what i see every day, i dont use other peoples lack of dedication to maintaining there vehicle as a excuse to not take care of mine. Nothing changes in following God, you do what you know you need to in order to serve him, becuase like 140 said, that's and excuse and a lie from satans handbook. If you like me to list a few im sure i can think of a few people have told me, or ones i could make up myself! excuses , we all got them...i have mine everyday, becuase i fail every day...in some way sort or fashion, but that doesnt mean im not improving, and that doesnt mean i should quit. The best part is God loves me undconditionally, win lose or draw...hes on the side lines cheering me on. Christian smishtian, drop the title, Who is Jesus to you?
  15. Is this what he told you or is this what someone told he said?
    Are you really 2004 years old?
  16. Yes, Manson was/is crazy. Just because he didn't kill anyone doesn't make him sane. And that line is from Suicidal tendancies : Cant' break me down.
  17. svoman2300,

    I don't have any problem with you. Never have. I appreciate all help and will always offer the same likewise. I don't take it personal. I know a person can be real good at tech and not believe in God. :D

    With all you have posted though (including previous threads where belief in God has come up), you can kind of get an idea of your standpoint in life. I think you figure you are as good or better than the next guy (and you are right), but you figure that's enough. Now, you aren't forced to find out what is true, but you should, because what if you are wrong? If you are wrong and the Bible is true - YIKES! Weird thing is, most people that think the Bible is wrong and condemn it have never read it themselves, never talked to God about it, never done any checking to find out if it's documented and fact. How does it stand out amongst the many other "holy scriptures" from other religions? Truth is Truth so there can be only one. The Bible and God's plan for us is real simple, He's not in the condemning or unmerciful business. He's just in the "just accept me as your God and you are mine" business.

    Bottom line, if you just want to be good and do things on your own merits, and you're really great and stuff, still doesn't matter, you rejected Him. The Bible say's He'll say to you someday when you stand before Him, "Depart from me, I never knew you". Rejecting Him is the ultimate and ONLY unpardonable sin. Everything else you ever do, any little mistake you make, any HUGE mistake you make, He doesn't care and is always ready to forgive you for it, EXCEPT rejecting Him. And that's what Satan did. And he spends all his energies, generation after generation trying to get people to not consider God, follow this or that belief or religion and ultimately decide to reject God. And it's stupid, but it's Satan's vendetta against God, and God uses it for good to show people they need to choose. Not believing in Satan is a bummer if you are wrong, but it's fine and dandy with Satan as it serves his purpose.

    On the hypocrite issue, I agree. So... that's simple, just don't be a hypocrite. Hypocrite's are universal, Christian and non-Christian - saying one thing doing another. Don't be one. Not loving their creator but saying they are loving people for instance is an example. Accepting Christ as your God and savior doesn't make you a saint, just His child - you still gotta learn to shed hypocrisy.

    To me best thing about God is that He say's if you will follow Him, you will never fail, He'll take care of you and protect you and guide you and is preparing a place for you. And it's true, hasn't failed me yet! :nice:

    The only people I've ever talked with that shake their fist's and stand firm on God being this cruel, uncaring, or non-existent God are people that haven't read the Bible and spent time trying to get to know God and sought "what is true?".

    Don't worry about Christmas tree's and Easter bunnies, and Halloween, etc. Who cares? Christians adopt fun stuff, nothing wrong with it. The false religions that used this and that as symbols also ate and took baths and wore clothes - all stuff I'm gonna do, but I'm not following their beliefs.

    Quiz the crap out of me, pm me, email me, IM me, I'd be happy to dig information and answer's to your most skeptical questions. I was where you are until I learned what I learned. Still learning too!

    best wishes!
  18. Correction - Everyone that has ever walked the face of the Earth aside from Jesus has been hypocritical. I don't deny this - and I don't really see why/how anyone gets jollies by stating that to Christians - "You're all just a bunch of hypocrites!" Maybe some have a problem accepting that - but I realize that I am just a big pile of trash on my own and in my flesh - but since Jesus died for me and since I accepted Him as my personal Lord and Savior - he chooses to look beyond that - and makes me "perfected" (NOT SINLESS AND PERFECT) through him.

    I'll go ahead and say though - there is noone on here - 140, Woodster, or myself included that deserves any of it or that are worthy - we were all just low down pieces of garbage - then we decided/realized that there is a better way, and it just happens to be wonderful.

    Tell me this isn't true: "John 15:18 - If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you."
  19. I keep hearing "God says" "Jesus says" but I'll throw your question to you just for fun.
    If what you belive is true why do you even mention the fact that it he may be wrong? If the bible is true he is wrong. I am wrong. If it is fake then you are wrong.

    Satan says, no wait he says nothing. No one wrote book on his life. Funny there are always two sides to the story but his isnt accounted for. Either he didnt exist or someone tried hard to hide so they wouldnt have problems with criminals and such. I think that was already the case so why make it worse?

    Obviously there were evil people back then and you are telling me that none of them wanted us to know about Satan. Would'nt his plan work better to have a widespread media to conquer all? I guess the fairy tale always has to have a happy ending. But here in 2004 our fairy tales don't always have a happy ending because people want something realistic. if the bible was written in 2004 it would go a lot different than this current generation to generation rumor.

    The bible, the longest running chain letter EVAR!
  20. PS I saw the movie and was entertained. I will burn the dvd soon.

    Copies for sale!