I LOVE my new Magnapacks!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Stangnut, Jun 12, 2003.

  1. PLEASE feel free to post it somewhere. I'm sure I've sent it over 50 times...so far. (21 just in THIS post!) I keep sending it though because it helped me so much. I really wish the guy it belongs to would speak up. I hate sending it all over the place w/o his permission or his knowledge.

    All 6 sent.

    Hey, HoustonGT, I tried to send it to you twice but it said un-deliverable.
  2. i know this is prolly getting tiresome but one more please:D [email protected]
    Thank you ahead of time. But if you can't its cool
  3. I think my email broke since I never got it...

    Maybe try another one, [email protected]

  4. Stangnut,

    I'll host it for you. Here you go guys, I'm not sure the bandwidth will hold up, but it will be here for a week.

    go here: http://www.fawkit.org/jason/exhaut vid/

    right click save as...not a fast server so don't try to stream it!

  5. what is the first exhaust setup?
  6. First: 40 series Flowmasters welded in, stock X

    Second: Bassani cat-back and catted x-pipe

    Third: MagnaPacks cat-back, stock X

    THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!! If it's OK, I'll put the link in other posts if anyone else ask for it.

  7. Go right ahead man! :nice:

  8. Man im really sorry but my stock exhaust is driving me crazy!!!!!!
    [email protected] :hail2:
  9. Go up about 3 posts. P4ynefull_1 hosted it.

  10. stock x? you mean stock h
  11. magnapacks.... :hail2:
  12. Congrats Stangnut!! Now add the X pipe and you will be even more happy!!

  13. FYI, the thread is from June of 2003 people... :p
  14. DOH!!!!!!!!!! I fell for that 1 time before, and it was a year old thread that was brought back to life!!!
  15. [QUOTE='02TruBluGT]DOH!!!!!!!!!! I fell for that 1 time before, and it was a year old thread that was brought back to life!!![/QUOTE]