I LOVE my new Magnapacks!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Stangnut, Jun 12, 2003.

  1. 2 questions..Which Magnapacks did you buy and do they have any drone?
  2. flowmaster still sounds good, the sound is just raw and mean.
  3. i love the paks too. just put mine on the other day also. they f'ing SCREAM with the blower!!!
  4. This thread wont die
  5. :nice:
  6. DA 'PACKS :worship: :worship: :nice: :nice:
  7. I really like either the black GT or the silver.What do each have?I will probably go with 3 chamber flows to keep it quiet so I will not attract cops, but I am just curious.
  8. There is only one Magnapack catback that I know of. And it doesn't drone, but it's loud. You definitely hear it on the freeway. But no drone.

    For clips, click on the link in my sig.
  9. Mine drones like a mofo... :shrug:
  10. Are you sure it's a drone? Flowmasters drone like crazy. Drone is that annoying pressure wave that gives you headaches.

    Easy way to tell. Put yer fingers in yer ears and hum. That echoing inside your skull is drone. ;)

    But what midpipe are you running?
  11. Oh, it's definately a drone. ~ 2100rpms. My passengers are sometimes bothered by it, I don't mind :) Exactly the same setup as you... Some others here have said they have drone with this setup but they also say Flows drone much worse :)
  12. I love the drone dude... but when I got a passenger in the back seats.. they tend to yell instead of talking.. their whole body shook they say.. I gotta try that sometimes..
  13. Stangnut,
    How long ago did you purchase your catback from fullineexhast.com. The price on their says $437 and you said yours was $330 shipped. I would like to find the $330 priced one??? Thanks

  14. Stangnet's Partshopper:

    "We will MEET or BEAT anyone's to the Door Price! Call US!"

    MagnaFlow 99-03 GT Mustang Magna Pack Catback systems are all stainless steel, made from large ... Price: $437.95

    I love these threads! The Packs rule :hail2:
  15. I'm one week shy of one year. Actually I only paid $300, cash, no tax, no s/h. I just drove around the corner to their warehouse.
    One reason their prices went up is becuase the price of steel has gone up DRAMATICLY since then. Also I think they figured out they could make more money selling direct. Or maybe they got in trouble for undercutting everyone's prices. Being a distributor they were only supposed to sell to their dealers at those prices.

  16. Actually there ARE two kinds of MagnaPacks. There are the "round" mufflers that come with the MagnaPack cat-back kit, (that is what I have and what most everyone thinks of as MagnaPacks), but the real MagnaPacks are actually Glass Packs.

    However, I think what you ment to ask is which kind of MagnaFlows do I have. I got the MagnaPack cat-back exhaust system, which actually comes with the 4" round mufflers. (I think they're the ones that are 14" long if you just want to buy the Mufflers by themselves)Link to JUST the mufflers

    Drone? What drone? I call it the SWEET spot. Never rode in a car with Flowmasters so I'm not really sure what drone is, but I love listening to my car @ 2000 RPM. If you don't want to hear your exhaust, keep it factory. You'll lose low-end torque anyway. I certainly didn't do it for the performance "gain".

  17. Check the thread date..'03