i may be getting FIRED!!

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  1. well after my job has been doing some downsizing, they're looking for ANY reason to let you go. i was called into our human resources office along w. a friend because we were talking during calls. i am a catalog sales associate so i am on the phone all day at work, taking people's orders. anyway, my friend got the boot because he was a newbie. i've been working there for 2 years so they said they were gonna review my call history/records etc. they told me to come back on wed. which is today after a 4 day suspension. so right now i am 2 minutes away from heading off to work to await my judgement! pray for me guys!!

    :( :nonono: :fuss:
  2. Damn that sucks a 4day suspesion for talking(did I read that right?). Sounds like what it was like when I worked at Tru-green chemlawn :nonono: Do you have a different type of work to fall back on?
  3. I used to be a telemarketer (yes I know, I'm sorry, but its the only job I could find to fill the last couple months of summer a few years ago after I quit another job), and let me tell ya, it seems any job that involves calling/receiving calls generally sucks eventually. The company always ends up getting anal about things. The day I quit telemarketing was one of the best days of my life so far.
  4. Wow man that sucks I hope they don't fire you, but if I were you during those 4 days I would have been filling out aplications like crazy.
  5. yeah i have been filling out applications like crazy. i just want a job right now to hold for a month or two. me n my gf have a trip planned in june and i wanted to have enuff cash to recover from that.
    all in all i got: :owned:
    telemarketing DOES suck and i was even thinking of quitting. but i guess getting fired isn't so bad! :D..better opportunities

  6. So what happened???
  7. i think he got canned
  8. Same here :nice:
  9. Good luck
  10. "I believe you have my stapler...Okay this is the last straw...Set the building on fire."
  11. best movie ever
  12. that avitar is hilarious
  13. been there...done that. I feel your pain. Good luck to you
  14. I've worked plenty a call center job. One was even named Centrobe...Clost to the name Penetrode as in the movie Office Space...

    "You must be a big fan of Michael Bolton...I for one celebrate his entire collection."

    That movie is the Passion of the Christ of call center movies.

    Best parts when that jump to conclusions mat guy tries to kill himself and says "Everything's gonna be OK"..then backs out of his driveway and that truck creams him.