I need 5 large.....

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  1. Fikse Profil 5 :drool: 1K/ea + tires :(

  2. i'm guessing that Fikse Profil 5 is a wheel? if so 1 grand each, is way to dam much. they look nice but not 4 grand nice.
  3. Nice car i dont like the rims and i wouldnt spend that much on tires you can go on ebay and get cheap ones. Your rims look photoshopped on their. O well nice car and go with something more cheaper you could super charge your car for 5 large?
  4. I could build a turbo kit for way less than 2 :nice:
  5. I would never turbo a gt i would only supercharge it maybe thats just me but thats how i see it. I will turbo any 4 cyl but if you got a v8 i would always supercharge a american v8 or v6.
  6. O and them rims are photoshopped right.. and why dont you just turbo it then insted of buyin wheels for five?

  7. You dont like fast car's, is this what your saying?
  8. lol no..? i beleive when you supercharge a car it is fast as well is it not? You dont turbo a 8 cyl you just dont in my book its a 8cyl. When you go to car shows what do most v8s have a supercharger or a turbocharger. And yes i do like fast cars...
  9. I think you are crazy. ANY engine would look better with a turbocharger. The only limitations in my book are packaging constraints. If you can't fit a gigantic 80mm turbo and 6" downpipe in the car, I would understand..... but you could always go twin turbo.
    I would definatly make a twin turbo 5.0 anyday over a supercharged 5.0. Not only is a different from the norm, but it makes more power for less money. :banana:
  10. Wouldnt a turbocharger cause more lag than a supercharger...? And isnt a Supercharger more realiable than a turbo i thought so on both occasions..
  11. The main reason that there are more superchargers than turbos on V8's is because #1 Turbos are admittedly a little harder to understand than superchargers and only recently started gaining big popularity, and #2 Superchargers are usually quite a bit easier to install (no rerouting of the exhaust or anything)
  12. Turbo! Its where the power is at. turbos are better for several reasons. More power under the curve than a blower car (full boost at low rpms, and it lasts throughout the rest of the powerband), less stress on the crank because you dont have to have the belt really tight to prevent slippage with a turbo, it uses "wasted" exhaust energy instead of drawing away hp from extra power by drag on the crank from said belt...those are just a few reasons...plus i can build a turbo kit for less than i can buy a supercharger.
  13. I guess we could arguee about this forever... Its all about personal prefrence...
  14. dude there is no arguement, turbo's are proven to make more power, and a broader powerband period. be it 4 cylinder or v8.
  15. I understand what your saying but around here.. if you have a v8 its supercharge...maybe where your from its diffrent i beleive the majority supercharges. I understand where your comin from tho..
  16. its not just "where your from" . Its like stated above, most people like the easy plug and play supercharger, a very easy install with good power. But if you want the most Horsepower, you go Turbo...its proven, everywhere. From a production car, to the support vehicles used in the gulfwar. they dont strap on superchargers, the Go turbo! You pick a supercharged car that makes good power, i say pull of that supercharger and strap a turbo on , and will make a grip more power. Superchargers ARE cool, but anyone one who likes and knows fast cars, knows that a turbo pretty much owns the market.
  17. True i was just saying the majority supercharges.. i know what you are saying tho
  18. last time I checked this thread was about rims.

    They look good on there man!
  19. Look good..Yes, Worh 1k a pop, Oh Hell no :notnice: