I need a good radar detector

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    My Dad and Sister are Police officers. It's not an easy job to do.
    Az Try respecting someone for once. Lawman85, keep up the good work. I have enjoyed reading everything you have said on Radar and Laser. :nice:
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    Stop flamin' Lawman85. :bang:

    This thread was supposed to be about Radar Detectors, not attitude adjustments. I respect these public servants and their jobs can be incredibly tough. Of course there are some bad apples in the barrel, but it's a really big barrel and you shouldn't paint each one of them as being good for nuthin's.

    I also went to those three sites you had a hyperlink to. Each one has well thought out responses to what does and does not work. I do have a tendency to respect test data results more than personal opinions. Being one who deals with graphs and test equipment on a regular basis it seems that the better detectors do a pretty decent job of it.

    When I worte my initial response (about 2 pages ago) to Radar Detectors and what they do/don't do, I was speaking from a Military Radar/Laser Applications Perspective. After talking to several of my counterparts in the field I would grudgingly agree that Automotive Radar Detectors do serve a purpose. And, that purpose is not grossly unjustifiable. Otherwise the State Supreme Court(s) in each state would have made their use illegal. In fact I do use one, and whenever it does it's 'thing' I feel a little better about not having to pay a larger insurance premium or court official for exceeding the posted limits.

    As for Lasers and LD Jammers that's a load of money to spend on something that is not used in my area. I suppose one will become a necessity if/when it does arrive here. But, all that to travel a little faster?

    Now, can we get back to which Radar Detector is best one for your neck o' the woods? :shrug:
  3. okay, back to the original topic.. i got the passport escort 8500 and have nothing but good things to say about it. i hear the only thing that comes close to its accuracy is the valintine but thats just from magazines.
  4. Not true. The Bel's are good too. I used a Bel 985 for a while, now using a 940...same unit minus a few features. Range and filtering are unchanged. Who cares about a voltage readout for my car :D

    Range is pretty much a wash between the V1, Passport 8500 (and Solo S2), and Bel's. I've picked up K band at 4 miles with a Bel 985, Escort Solo S2, and V1...plenty of warning. The decision from there depends on what you want to spend and what features YOU like.

    The Bel's seem to be the best at limiting "false" hits thanks to AutoScan mode, which eliminates all weak signals. (affects range slightly...I use it in the city only)

    The V1 has the arrows / counter on it's side. Tends to pick-up for falses.

    The 8500 is a good all around unit. Will false a little more than the Bel and can track multiple hits, but no arrows like the V1.

    I'm sticking with Bel's for my money. I'll probably get a new V1 when a new version comes out though. I recently sold both of my V1's while they were still the latest versions...

    Last week I had 10 radar detectors...I think I have about 7 right now? Not sure... :D

  5. I strongly suggest everyone (*esp the newbies*) heed GrayCobra's advice...if you wish to flame or troll, you'll have to go elsewhere. :cheers:

  6. Wow, how do you see out of your windshield?
  7. LOL...it's tricky...

    Nah, I've just been buying / selling used ones so I can try out different models...
  8. COBRA90GT Hooaaah! (Soldier talk for you are the man!)
  9. At least you guys can speed. I'm in fairfield county CT, a suburb of NYC, I'm lucky to get to 55. I don't have a detector and most of the time don't need one. On the rare ride on 95 I can do 70 the troopers don't care much as long as your not weaving in and out of traffic.
  10. I will let you know. I am in Arizona and I agree on your statement. Speed does not kill. Excessive speeding at bad times does. I feel very safe driving 90mph down the interstate when there isnt' too much traffic around. (yes, that still happens here)
    And , I am not the only one. There is a steady flow of cars doing 80 to 90 mph and it's quite alright.
    People think 90 mph is fast, try driving on the autobahn. I have quite a few hours of driving the bahn behind me, and they laugh at 90mph.
    Last May I was doing about 100mph near munich and I wasn't even the fastest out there. People fly by you at 150mph. Accidents ? not really. Only time it happens is when the weather is bad or when there's too much traffic. Other times it's perfectly safe.

    Cops just need to be reasonable. Clocking people when the roads is empty is pure money-making. I understand if it's rush hour and some maniac is zig-zagging thru traffic to get pulled over, but this cr*p ? no.

    The cop-dude thinks they don't work (detectors) I say they do. How does he know anyways, he can't tell the ones that DID notice him on time, and DID slow down.
    I have great experiences with them, and it will be even better once the Lidatek is in.
  11. very good thread.

    double post :shrug:
  12. very good thread.

    well just my 2 cents
    Lawman85 thanks for telling us all this information I find it very useful.

    I think detectors are a must have, anyways I have the same one I bought back in 1990 and it works great I slow down every time I get a real or false signal; thus making it a habit to slow down because speed is addicting. :nice:

    and I still think insurance rates are :bs: .
  13. wow now im going to really trust my local cops if i ever get pulled over ill be like hey can u really be sure one of your fellow officers clocked a street light at 180??????
  14. 8500 (x50) BLUE

    Escort 8500 x50 is the way to go. I had the 8500 sold it for the new x50. It is great. :nice:
  15. My .02 on Radar Det.

    I live in Dallas, TX so all info herein pertains to my location. (long post warning)

    #1. I have owned a few radar detectors starting with the cheapies on up to Val 1.8 (now). They are like a tool, as someone else stated earlier. on long streches use it to maybe catch an overshoot/steady on radar to give you time to slow down. With the V1 it is LITERALLY worth it's weight in gold from the times it's "helped" me out.
    I never even looked at one due to it being in the back of a magazine, so i thought it was a typically penis enhancer (false claim) product. I did buy a Rocky Mountain radar detector/laser jammer (kill me now). Had some MP buddies on base that let me give it a try, they all laughed and said they had me the moment i rolled out of first. Sent it back in time to recoup all my money, lessen learned.
    Rode with a good friend one day that had one and he took me around town to prove how well it truly worked (arrows show when/where cop was and had passed). Also with the strength bars, when it falses, it never really pegs the Strength bars unless 5 feet away from false source. When a cop is running constant on (K, KA, never any X here) it will build and build till you know for sure something is up. The distance on it is insane, literally the 1 mile-2 mile as advertised (for me in the city it's usually the lesser distance due to obstructions). I talked about wanting one so much my girlfriend bought me one (She's the best!!). I'd rather have my car keyed than lose my V 1. :).
    I had mine installed (hardwired) for Key On power (turns of when key is off) and had the wire ran through the head liner so my Det. is mounted up high next to my rear view with a 2inch limo tint strip in front (to hide from thieves and tint in the rear to hide from people behind me/cops. Also had the secondary box that came with it installed under the dash in case later on i want to run the hidden arrow pointer thing in a vent/hidden spot surreptiously. (cost install $35 at a local stereo shop). Buy the V1, worth every damn penny. (Sorry long post!!)
  16. V1 is the best...
  17. Im glad I read this thread because Im not going out to waste more money on a better radar/laser detector. I just wish the law was fair when pulling cars over. 50mph in a 30 zone while driving a cobra is the same as 50mph in a 30 zone in a honda accord...but who always gets pulled over...well you all know the answer! Its funny when you think about it because realistically the cobra is still safer at that speed because it can stop and handle much better if needed :flag: (just accelerate up to the speed limit as hard as you want and then STOP!) HAHAHA...I wander if their is a law for accelerating to quickly?
  18. There is, it's called Reckless Endangerment.
  19. Actually it's Exhibition of Speed.
  20. Depends on your state/locale, and either way, it has been almost two years since anyone was worried about it-

    Back from the Grave!!!