I need a List of Ford Engine sizes

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  1. i need a list of all Ford Engine sizes listed from largest to smallest please. there is something im confused about and this may help solve my problem! haha!

  2. thanks that helped.. i was told there were 2 sizes of engines for a 4cyl. one with more Horses then the other i guess? and i was told that i had the biggest 4cyl ford made under my 91's hood....but imma say that their is only one 4cyl engine around for ford that was made in 91.....and it only have 105 HP....i wanna drop a 302 cobra in my 91..that would be badass...
  3. Yup. Ford has been crankin' out 4 baqngers since the 70's, the most powerful of which were the SVO Turbos from the 80's. There is one motor however that is not listed there. That's the 260 CID motor that was also made in the 60's. It's a v8, but it had four Weber carbs and pumped out 335 HP which is about the same as the 428 CJ. I guess the reason it wasn't mentioned was because those went into the AC Cobra, but I think a few made it to the Stang. Not sure though.
    Anyway, good luck on your build/conversion:nice:
  4. They do make 2.5L stroker kits for the 2.3s. I looked into it a few years ago before I did my 2.3 to 5.0 swap.
  5. The 260 was listed there, as was the 255. I have had one of both. The 260 was available in early sport Falcons, Mustangs, and the like. It was also fitted into Sunbeam Tigers with a four barrel.

    The 2.3 liter four is the only four thats been in Mustangs, starting in 1974. Mustang never got the smaller version, the 2.0 that Pintos and Rangers did.

    Had a 74 2.3 l Mustang also. Great car actually.
  6. Copied from: http://www.answers.com/topic/list-of-ford-engines

    I recommend that you check out this site. Each engine has a link pointing to some descriptive information about that engine series. Very interesting stuff.

    1932–1953 Flathead V8
    1952–1957 Lincoln Y-block (317/341/368)
    1954–1964 Y-block V8 Ford/Mercury/Edsel (239/256/272/292/312)
    1958–1968 MEL V8 Mercury/Edsel/Lincoln (383/410/430/462)
    1958–1976 FE V8 big-block
    1958–1971 Generation I (332/352/360/361/390)
    1962–1973 Generation II (406/410/427/428)
    1958– Super Duty truck engine (401/477/534)
    1964–1995 Windsor V8 small-block (221/255/260/289/289HP/302/351W/Boss 302)
    1968–1997 385 V8 big-block (370/429/460/512)
    1970–1982 335/Cleveland V8 small-block (351 Cleveland/400/351M/Boss 351)
    1991– Modular V8 — DOHC 4.6/5.4 L V8
    2000– Triton V8 — Truck version of the Modular V8
    1996– Jaguar AJ-V8 — A smaller DOHC V8 also used by Lincoln LS and Ford Thunderbird
    1996– Yamaha V8 — 60° V8 designed and produced with Yamaha Motor Corporation
    1996–1999 SHO V8 — 3.4 L
    2005– Volvo V8 — 4.4 L
    Cosworth DFV — DOHC 3.0 liter racing engine
    1983– Ford/Navistar Diesel V8 (converted International Harvester gasoline engine)
    1983–1987 — 6.9 L IDI (indirect injection)
    1988–1993 — 7.3 L IDI
    1993–1994 — 7.3 L IDI with Turbo
    1994–2003 — 7.3 L DI (direct injection) "Power Stroke"
    2003–2006 — 6.0 L DI "Power Stroke"
  7. rd you are right, but it's still not the one that I am referring to. The one that I saw generated big power numbers. I'm talking 428 Cobra Jet Numbers from a 260. Upon doing a little more digging, I found that it was only offered in the AC Cobra. The one for the Stang was great, but the one in the AC had way more bite.