i need a new DD...

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  1. Ok, I live in Iowa and i'm going to go to california to school in like 4-6 monthes and I need a new car. I want to get something (prefer a ford) :D that has alot of room and good gas mileage, and a stick...
    I could get another escort but I want some more ideas.
  2. Tempo
    4 cyl Mustang
    94+ 3.8 Mustang
  3. ford festiva:) 44 all highway. average of 39.something. worst i recorded 36.
  4. You will regret buying a stick very quickly, and take this from someone who's lived in California for six years now. I don't know where you're planning on staying (North or South Cali), but I live in Southern California, and freeway traffic is a total nightmare.

    It usually starts with a guy who was too busy watching the police officer on the side of the road cleaning up an accident to notice the traffic slowing down and rams into someone. When that happens, for the next hour, the freeway and anything behind it in that direction is stop, drive 5 MPH for about 10 feet, stop, rinse and repeat. And that's if the guy behind the idiot wasn't looking at the police officer too. :D If he was... well... let's just say you'll be on the freeway for a few hours.

    It's not always that bad, but I travel the 405 to the 5 North every day home from work, and right where the freeways merge there's a tunnel that's very prone to accidents either right before or right after it, and traffic EVERY night is a ****.

    I have a stick on my mustang, and it's my daily driver. KILLER on the leg. I would definitely recommend an automatic if you're gonna do some freeway driving out here. That's the thing about California... we use the freeways to get everywhere, so when the **** goes bad on the freeway, everyone gets ****ed. :rlaugh:

    BTW, if you are coming to So. Cal., let me know if you have any questions. :)
  5. Had a SHO...they are awesome but not the most reliable (That is what I would get if they were more reliable)
    Tempos are piles of crap....
    mustang doesn't have enough room in them for me as a efficient DD
    Focus might be ok....
    Festiva would be good but are they reliable?

  6. i got the festiva with 186,XXX on the clock for $1200 which includes new exhaust, inspection and registration. It is ready to turn 198k. and not a problem. It is actually pretty roomy. I brought a friends entire dorm room home from college except for clothes. I can fit an 8.8 rearend in it when i fold the rear seat and passenger seat down. If anything does go wrong with them you can get parts so cheap. A guy around my area was selling a good running motor with 14x,xxx on it for 50 bucks LOL.
  7. I have a 2001 mercury sable...it has the 200 hp 3.0 DOHC in it..i added a CAI..and SCT XCALIBRATOR 2 TUNER and the car screams..its enough to beat a 2001 honda prelude off the line up to 114mph!!...so thats good enough for me as a daily driven vehicle..check out my garage and look at the pics..u can pick up a nice one decently priced.i paid 6k for mine a year ago and since then i have put about 3k in it 2 tone paint..18 inch chrome wheels, 2 12's 2 amps, dvd, 7.5 screen, sct tuner, and cai...i wouldnt want any other DD!! Man i love my sable
  8. i'd get a contour...my buddy had one his dad bought new....had 230,000+ miles on it and had no major problems...sold it a while ago, but it is still seen from time to time
  9. Subaru WRX 2.5 Turbo insurance is low.:shrug:

    1997-1998 look better than the 00 bug eyed ones anyways.