I need a new engine

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  1. so recently my car started shooting oil out of the dipstick and large clouds of smoke out of the tailpipes under full throttle. i knew i had some excessive crankcase pressure but wasnt sure what it was from. sooo today i did a compression test and a leakdown test.

    well the compression test went fine, every cylinder was over 130.

    then i did the leakdown. The drivers side was perfect. next, the number 4 and 3 cylders were perfect. But on the 1 and 2 cylinders air got shot out my dipstick and my breather. This means i have some bad rings. this really sucks becuase im broke.

    This is also a kick in the balls because i literally just replaced everthing except the block. everything from the clutch, cam, heads, motor mounts i did within the past 2 months. now it all has to come out:( .

    im not sure what im going to do motor wise. im either gonna find a junkyard motor with low miles (that i dont need to rebuild) and throw the block in my car or im gonna build a 306. gotta see what i can do with my funds (which is zero right now). i just want to drive the car so this is really a pain in the ass.
  2. Kyle, i hear ya man...i was in the exact same place when i hyrdolocked my motor a while back.....i ended up getting a low miledge explorer motor from the JY, But if i were you i would have the bores checked, and maby you could just get away with re-ringing? The correct way would be a 306, tho. As a bonus you could get some higher compression pistons?
  3. That really sucks man. It would be cheap enough to just replace all of the rings, but that wouldn't be very efficient. If you're gonna go through all the trouble of taking the whole thing apart, might as well do it the right way and not have to do it again. You might get lucky with a used 5.0L short block with low miles, but its pretty much a shot in the dark until you put it all back together and see how it runs. But if you were to get a new rotating assembly and have your block machined, you might as well spend the extra few bucks and get a 347 kit. If you shop around enough you might get lucky and find one thats cheaper or the same price as a 306 kit. Just a thought.
  4. Either buy a cheap junkyard shortblock or a cheap shortblock that someone has in their garage OR do it right and build a 347. Don't waste your time with building a 306.

    JUst keep driving it and save money in the process.
  5. either do it really cheap maybe a fresh hone and some rings or go ahead and build a mack daddy but dont do anything in between just not worth it IMO...
  6. I have a bit of blow-by right now, nothing severe (dipstick will come out sometimes, but oil will never shoot out) and I rarely get oil out the pipes, but I fear that I will have to be doing a rebuild this winter. I just hope it makes it through the summer for me.

    Stupid POS factory rings
  7. I used to ALWAYS blow the dipstick out when driving my car hard, that is until I put a breather on my VC oil fill neck. Its not the right way to vent excessive crankcase pressure but it worked for years for me. On a compression test my highest was 130psi if I recall, most were in the high 120 range! I'm with Mike, I'd drive it until you can afford to do it right.
  8. not only does it push the dipstick out, but it shoots oil out of it too. plus, i have a breather on the valve cover already (oil comes out of there too). i tried to cover everything it could be, but it definately is the piston rings:( .

    since im really really broke, i think im going to have to go the junkyard route. im gonna drive it still, but im also going to look for a low mileage 302 to swap into it very soon.

    i COULD let the car sit and drive my accord until i build a bigger motor or whatever, but its summer, and i want to enjoy my car.
  9. Kyle, I'm curious as to how long you've had blow-by for before it got this bad? I'm hoping my PCV screen is clogged to **** or else I'm going to be in the same boat as you. I'm thinking 331 on the stock block when it comes time.
  10. the oil blowing everywhere has been within the past 2 weeks or so.

    i should also have made it clear that my motor has 113k on it and it has been though 9 bottles of nitrous on a 125/150 shot, so it is definately toast:(
  11. maybe try another PCV line from a driver side mounted passenger Valve Cover? You could run two seperators and this would get you through the summer probably :shrug: . Check out my one thread, JT posted a good link
  12. Same thing happened to me, except it was my #8, and it wasnt the rings. I had 2 chunks taken out of my piston which made me very proud. Either way, its really not that bad of a deal. Find a junkyard shortblock, or build one. I bought a used 302 from a 92 car, and then rebuilt it(bearings,rings,hone,plugs). Its been 8k miles and its running great still. 160 (+- 6psi) in all 8 cylinders and it costed me about $250.
  13. Doesn't Prokiller have a short block for sale? I thought I remembered seeing it in his sig.
  14. yea i remember you thread. i dont think anything fell apart in my motor but who knows. i think i may be going the rebuild route (on a different motor).

    i dont want to do anything to "patch" my motor because it is now burning a lot of oil. its also running like crap. once i sell some things i have ($1500 worth of parts) i will be in a better position to figure out what to do:bang: .
  15. Wet or Dry system? Just wondering. you know me, got to know everything!:shrug:
  16. let me know what your getting rid of.
  17. jb weld it :nice:

  18. He told me he was running some carb'd n2o kit rigged up to work.

    I've been telling him ever since I started talking to him online to ditch the nitrous and gear the car properly to run hard on motor. Now he see's why I was trying to push him in that direction. I wasn't just talking out of my ass, I have n2o experience. Power adders are VERY dangerous in the hands of people with no experience, let alone daily drivers that can't afford down time.

    Like I said Kyle, go 4.10 gears and sell the nitrous, but WTF do I know :D
  19. correct
    powershot solenoids, no safety switches, etc (it was unsafe:D)

    no no no
    I always knew nitrous was dangerous. Im not like "gee i have no idea why this happened". i know exactly why the rings are toast. I do not regret spraying one bit, and i will spray the car again once the new motor goes in. thats why i went with the 3.73's

    how else are you supposed to gain experience if you do not use a power adder at all? thats like saying imagining having sex will make you better doing the actual thing:shrug:. now i have nitrous experience too
  20. also, is there any particualr reason my car is only making 13(lbs?) of vacuum at idle? does this have anything to do with my motor being all messed up?