I need a new hood scoop, not sure what to get

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  1. I was gonna drop it in the coupe. The coupe only has a C3 tranny though! What else would I need to buy myself that wouldnt be included? Or is the Whole engine coming out? I know I need a new tranny, Im not too good with tranny's so I dont know if a C4 would be good or not! Let me know when your planning to do it and what we can do is make a day out of it if your gonna do the 351 yourself, that way we can take the 302 out, and drop it into mine! I can tow the car there since yur not too far from where I live. Maybe this would be a good Club day???????
  2. I wouldn't be using much of what's on the engine right now, so it would pretty much be complete. I'd also sell you the headers. A C4 would be plenty strong. I will probably be doing the swap at a friend's dad's shop with a lift, so I seriously doubt I could also do your engine swap. If there's someone else at HCMC that will let you use their facilities, I'd be glad to help you out. Also, I had picked up a pair of E7's and was going to have a friend freshen them up and do some mild porting, but I decided to save my money for the 408. I'm sure he'll finish them up and sell them to you for about $200. I'll let you know when I'm about to do the swap. It will probably be this spring.

  3. SWEET!

  4. looks like a fox to me 89'
  5. 93 is also a Fox body, last year for the Fox.
  6. It's definitely not an 93 Cobra. Wrong spoiler, wrong bumper cover, no ground effects. Looks like just a red LX. The guy also painted the black trim around the window and sill area and the mirror body color.
  7. Yeah, you're right. My bad. The black wheels just stood out to me.
  8. How about a Shelby GT-500 style scoop? I've always wondered what one would look like on a II.

  9. Im probably gonna go with a Trans Am shaker when my car is all sadi and done, because it looks pretty cool, and its a hell-of-alot cheaper than a mustang/torino shaker!


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  10. i know i will be putting on the the cowl ind type from harwood. 4" high and 53" long. will put on hood as far back as i can so it sits closer to the windshield. i'm going to try to make the hood open towards the front instead of the rear.
  11. Here is a 78 stang with a boss hood scoop sorry its not a white car though.