I need a rumbling exhaust... help!

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by 226embarcadero, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. New exhaust but it's gotta sound good

    I will be replacing the stock exhaust on my '08 V6 but am unsure what kind to get.

    Obviously I don't want to spend tons of money for this, so which exhaust system should I get? I am looking for a deep-toned rumble and not a higher-pitched whine.

    The exhaust that best matches what I am looking for are the SLP Loudmouths... but they are designed for GTs. If I just purchased one Loudmouth and installed it on my GT, would it sound roughly the same?

    I am also interested in the factory '08 Bullitt exhaust muffler. It sounds pretty good, but once again... designed for a GT.

    Does anyone know how I can get my nice deep-toned rumble for a V6... without spending a ton of money?

    Is there a muffler that is best? Or should I do the faux dual exhaust with the Y-pipe? What does it typically cost to install those?
  2. You definitely don't want a straight thru design, or no muffler design, for that matter. For a V6, you want a chambered muffler. The Bullitt muffler would probably sound nice.
  3. Do you think it would sound OK even on a V6?

    After doing some homework, it looks like the best option is either the Bullitt muffler or the American Thunder.
  4. the MAC SS is a nice exhaust and only cost 180 or so. there are soundclips at the top of this forum.
  5. Were it not for the fact that some people have had quality issues with them I'd say the old style Ford GTA exhaust. I have dual GTA's on mine and the rumble is deep and awesome! :nice:
  6. Has anyone tried GT take offs with single or dual exhaust?
  7. Yes. Shooterm1 has successfully utilized the GT takeoffs, as have a couple other members and all seem to be pleased with the end result.

  8. Ok, maybe straight-thru designed mufflers sound ok. I haven't heard one. But they also have sound louvers and such. But an SLP Loudmouth will literally sound like the muffler fell off. Not good on a V6.
  9. go to youtube or somewhere similar and do a search of 'V6 Mustang exhaust'. Then you can hear what you like or don't like. Exhaust tone is a very personal taste. Some like one thing, some another. Truth be told the V6 has it's own sound. You can squelch some of the undesirable tones and add to some of the preferred tones but the engine note will pretty much sound the same no matter what you do. I have a straight thru design with my Pypes Violator. I like it, it's loud, but that's what my ear prefers. Check out alot of different sounds, then pay your money and hope it's what you expected. There's always lots of folks looking to buy almost new mufflers around. If you hate the sound it won't cost you much to change it. The GT take off is the cheapest. Try that one first maybe ?
  10. my son has an 07 with a flowmaster 40 sounds good a little loud for me local muffler shop put it on with chrome slash tip $140. I put Pypes true dual with X pipe on my 07 lower tone not quite as loud while cruising around, $ 450. sound clips at the pypes or rpm outlet.