I need a shop in the Indianapolis Area

Alex Staley

New Member
Aug 6, 2017
I am having a problem and need a shop locally to help me with this. I would love to fix this myself but I am a full time student and live in a apartment with no garage to work on this in.My problem is that I am having coolant leak out the back of the top of my engine and out by my transmission. It is at the back of the manifold on the supercharger. So I was thinking it is either the head gasket or the coolant tube under the manifold. I now find myself with the car puffing white smoke like crazy so it is leading me to believing it is the head gasket. I need help finding a shop in the Indy area that is reputable with boosted mustangs and working on OHC engines to look at and fix the problem. Any help would be nice.
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