I need a truck so bad

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  1. Its Winter of course and I needed a bale of straw to help keep my doggie warm and dry in his pen. No truck, so did the best next thing.... took out the subs, dropped the back seats and went to haulin straw :rolleyes:



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  2. Feedin the horse some hay I see....I hear that's good for a few extra hp :D

    Giddy up!

    32V has a truck for $1400 .hehe

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  3. I Knew I forgot something, the oats and a few carrots as a treat for her :rlaugh:
  4. glowstang, I mean this in the most non-gay way, but may I make love to your reef blue steed? Again, let me reiterate, daddy don't like funky butt lovin', but your car sets the bar for what I hope my black 93 can become with some love, attention and a few bucks.:D
  5. :lol:
  6. I used to use my hatch like a truck all the time, that was part of the reason I loved that car :shrug:
  7. I just hauled a mini-fridge across town in the back of mine!
  8. I live in rural area and have to take my garbage to a convenience center. The hatch with the laydown seats is da bomb at getting that job done. Back in the day I hauled a 36 inch TV 25 miles (with the hatch half-opened) in my 93 GT.
  9. A few years ago I hauled close to 500lbs of aluminum scrap to the recycler in the back of an '89 GT I had. Now I have a truck for doing that stuff, but back then I did not.
  10. Yea, the hatch has lots of room. I used 2 mustangs to move a couple of blocks back in late 93. Did have to have a friend help with the big stuff, but everything else we moved in the Stangs. Just can't do that with a notch.
  11. I have fit a full sized recliner in mine, and i also used it to transport my scooter when i needed to get it to college and back. It fits with room to spare.

  12. Nope. :D
  13. I've owned 1 notch, a '92. I'm pretty sure a loaf of bread was the max I could in there.:D
  14. I fit two 10s in mine. :D


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  15. I have an '89 vert, keep getting the glove box and trunk confused. But, I have hauled 2x4's with the top down :nice: