I Need Bloggers!!!

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  1. Here's the deal. The site owner @MRaburn , and I were talking about creating a community based blog for this site. He admitted that he'd thought about it before but that it is an expensive prospect given the blog, formatting, editing, etc.. That made perfect sense to me but didn't sit right for some reason. I didn't know why. I knew of no reasons, but it stayed in my head anyway.

    What drew me to this site and why I spend many hours of my time to help maintain this site, is because it's one of the few refuges left from corporate agenda. Everything contained in this site is from it's membership. Every tech and talk thread, how-to, and troubleshooting diagnostic. I suggested that maybe the blog should be this way too.

    So now what I'd like to find is people from the MEMBERSHIP that would like to blog about Mustangs and have it published here at Stangnet?

    This invitation is for OFFICIAL MEMBER+ only. This is not for SITE SPONSORS or any advertising entity. I am the forum end only and have limited authority to make forum only decisions. I'm relatively sure that it would be ok to post on the blog AS a sponsor but probably not as a member. You would need to talk directly with Mike about this.

    What I'm looking for specifically are OFFICIAL MEMBER + with accounts that are in good standing, that would like to write their blogs and host them on SN.

    So holler if this sounds like something you're into. Ask any questions that you like but keep in mind that this is a new idea. What that means is that you're on the ground floor and that your questions may very well shape the direction that this project takes. We would be developing this idea as we go.

  2. Mike has asked me about writing a blog about iRacing. My team is currently leading the Mustang Challenge points so it's kinda a big deal to the iRacing community but not so much to the public. A weekly report on how we are doing with video's is a good idea. Currently I have a thread going in the Off Topic forum. Maybe I just move that stuff over to the blog area and keep updating it every Monday.
  3. There should be a new plug-in very soon for this very thing. I've seen an example of what it looks like but I've not put hands on it yet.
  4. What exactly would we blog about? I assume you posted this in all areas of the forum, however I mainly lurk in 5.0 talk and the SW. I meant to do some resources a while back but got sidelined with work and budget woes
  5. I'd be interested.

  6. Mustang stuff. You know, how-to, events, whatever. It's more a "look at this" kind of format than a discussion.
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  7. Blog???? Isn't that what a build/progress thread is?
  8. I could blog on DD stuff, "Like, ...what's in the Trunk??" :spit:
  9. At first glance I thought the thread title read: I Need Boogers!!!

    Being that you don't need boogers, count me out.

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  10. What kind of frequency would be expected? Are there certain topics you're looking for? What would you be looking for more in the way of "how-to", history, project builds, product reviews, or what-not?

    In other words, I'm interested, and want some more details. I've written tech for both Allfordmustangs (pre-corporate-owned-days), and my local car club's monthly newsletter. I know Mustang history, and quite a bit of American racing history (Indycar, Nascar) like the back of my hand. I've done a ton of product reviews on car stuff over the years. I've got two Ford projects going right now (EFI swap into my '75 Mustang II and a 5.0/T5 swap into a 1977 Ford Capri Mk II from Germany), as well as more custom work I'm doing on my truck.
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  11. Michael's Rant of The Week:
    So I was thinking about broadening my horizons and jumping into the modular game. But upon researching the aftermarket I find that parts are just too darn high! So the faithful ole pushrod man has two options; either hang on to what he knows and hope for the best from his "China made" restomod or get into something newer that has a little less odds and ends that need attending. The only problem with the latter is he'd have to get a second mortgage to modify it.
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  12. I'm in. I have a few helpful hints and a ton of trivial knowledge.

  13. Hmmm...I think I could chip in once in a while.
  14. WTF is a blog? Can I have a Taco blog? Maybe @84Ttop and I can do a "how to" bacon taconator blog?
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  15. I could blog on how it is that we never actually go out to the garage and do something to the car.

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

  16. Generally at this point I would say, "So is your mom" but I don't know you that well. :jester:
  17. Yeah, you don't wanna go there with MY mom. She'd kick your ass. She's Scots-Irish Don'tyaknow.
    I remember vividly, not getting in fights in the pits at the local short track because no one wanted to mess with my mother. Not that I ever backed down from a fight if it happened...:fight: