I need help!!! Does this Mustang look like a factory color from 2001

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  1. This is a 2001 5 speed mustang im thinkin about buying an i loveee the color of it but it dosent look factory. An i looked up 2001 colors an the only 2 they had red that year is performance red an laser tint red. Ive looked at both colors an it dosent seem to match! soooo if anyone knows what color this car is would you please let me know! I need to know if its been repainted or not an obviously if its not factory then of course its been repainted. mustangg.jpg
  2. You should carfax it, That could help you find out if its been wrecked then repainted or just repainted
  3. i knowww! i just really didnt want to have to pay 40$ lol but it looks like im gonna have too! lol
  4. I don't know many people that would go out of their way to change the color of a sixer. Especially if they did the door jambs, engine bay, etc.
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  5. yea, well i just wasnt sure. i mean if it was repainted they did an amazinggggg job. but the only reason i thought it might have been is bc...the 2 colors from 2001 (laser tint red, performance red) didnt have an orange tint like this one does.
  6. Who knows i mean if you get it for a good price.... and it looks legit........ then i wouldnt worry about it :p
  7. yea lol. well im deff gettin it at a good price an im 99% sure its not salvaged. an never been wrecked soo i suppse your right! but you never know about used car sales...lol
  8. Do you Know the people your buying it from?
  9. noo! my manager at my work told me about this used car dealership...an he said hes got all his cars there for resonable prices an never had any problems out of them. so i found this mustang there an there is nothing visibly wrong an it drives great. sooo hopefully itl all work out lol i just know theres alotttta dealerships that sale salvaged cars. an u cant tell theres any problems with anything tiill later down the road.
  10. Just kep going to them and looking at it and build a good relationship with the dealership. You can normally tell if the people are sketch but then again they are used car salesmen haha
  11. hah yeaa i know. lol well untill i can afford a brand new GT (or F-350)...this one will just have to do:p!