i need help with my winter car!!!

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  1. In order to save the 94 5.0 from the snow... i also drive around a 1992 topaz with the 2.4L 4 cyl. I'm assuming there are many things in common with this motor and the mustang 4 cyl that you all woud be familiar with.
    After the car sat around through most of the summe rand fall being started periodically, we went to start it up again to find out that there was a sizeable chipmunk nest in the airbox, and the car wouldnt start. we cleaned out the air intake elbow and now that it starts, we cant seem to solve a high idle problem... it will hang around 2000 rpms! when giving it some throttle, it will hang even higher, then after a few seconds it will usually fall back to around 2k or a little higher, any thoughts? we checked for vac leaks real quick and couldnt find anything obvious and we also took carb cleaner and cleaned out the IAC which looked pretty clean already. thanks for the help, kyle
  2. The 2.3L in your car is not the same 2.3L that is in the mustang. Your 2.3L is what Ford termed the "HSC" engine. It is OHV and is basically a straight six with 2 cylinders cut off of it. The 2.3L in the mustang is OHC and is a unique design. But, as for your high idle issues, I would again check for vacuum leaks. Cleaning the idle air controller was a good idea as they tend to gunk up often. Your car is going to have EEC IV electronics, so you can always check the computer for codes. A Chilton or Haynes manual has real easy instructions on how to get them. That may shed some light on the subject.
  3. Did you check the throttle plate itself? My t-bird sucked up a piece of something once and the throttle got stuck partially open. The chipmunk nest made me thing maybe somethings in there. If this is a 'duh' I appologize.
  4. Might try asking over on tempo-topaz.com.

    Mine has a random high idle too, they told me over there to check the TPS and IAC but I never did because it mostly stopped doing it.