I need lots more power

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  1. I need lots more power, got walked by a civic.

    I was just on the way home and got walked by a turbo civic. I am now shifting my attention from the 10.5" rims and 315 DRs I was going to buy and put the money towards a head/cam swap. I already know what cams I want, the XE270AH ones from comp cams. My question to all of you 99 and newer stang owners out there is who to get my heads from?? I was thinking fox lake, but I don't know what other companies have to offer and I can't find anything except for PI headswaps in a search. All you guys with aftermarket heads help me out here with some numbers and such.

    Matt :flag:
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    "I was just on the way home and got walked by a turbo civic."

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  3. I want cams too, I'm curious.
    I will NOT install it myself though, so one factor is install cost :(
  4. Why is that so hard to believe? :shrug:
  5. I don't need PI heads, already have those. What I need are ported PI heads with oversized valves and performance valve springs. What company should I go with for this?
  6. I got my PI heads and Intake from Ebay. $600.00 Canadian, right to my door. :nice:
  7. anybody know what the stock valve size is?
  8. It is not imperative that I stay N/A it's just that I don't want to put my bottom end on borrowed time. Is it safe to run a Novi 1000 on stock internals at only 8 psi?
  9. Sorry, I guess I should have read your post a little closer. Fox lake is one, Patriot Performance is another, I believe Power Heads have gotten into porting the PI casting as well.

    Is it imperative that you stay N/A? You can put a Novi 1000 on that thing pretty reasonably now adays.
  10. What prices have you seen novi 1000s for? I have no idea what is wrong with this post order.
  11. Plenty are doing it as we speak....ane WTF is wrong with the post order?
  12. yeah, that site wants $3100 for the kit, too much IMO. I'd have to find one for around $2500 or so, then it would only be a couple hundred more than cams/heads.
  13. how about "Need injectors, fuel pumps, custom chips, AFM power pipes, Pro-M mass air meters, etc" jesus. that's a lotta money worth of stuff.
  14. anybody know how long it takes modular ford powerhouse to get a set of heads shipped?
  15. Hey, I said it was cheap, not free. ;)
  16. Heads... On your 99 up... Your an idiot... No offense here people... But be realistic! Supercharge or nitrous! Your not gonna get as much as you would supercharged. Hell by a used blower off ebay. stage 3 heads and cams should put you a good bit above 2 grand... Then install on that! Then you need it dyno tuned still... SUPERCHARGE!!!!! 100+ Hp compared to like what 60...
  17. Personally, I'd suggest trying to find a used S/C kit, or a P-600B kit or something, then you'd have no worries lol....

    I went with Steen Racing on my heads, and VT cams. You might wanna check out VT, they have some pretty nice cams. I'm not degrading Comps, just throwing out another suggestion.