I need lots more power

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by crew_dawg16, Sep 24, 2004.

  1. Some bolt ons you might wanna consider...

    Upper Plenum
    O/R Mid-pipe

    IF you got heads and cams, your car would really appreciate it if you helped it to breath better ;)

  2. No worries, how could I take offense to you calling me an idiot :rolleyes: . I would do the install myself, I have access to all the tools needed and a shop to do it in. It would be at least 60 hp with a good tune, probably more. On top of that, I have no worries about my bottom end going out. It would be about $2300 to do a heads/cams swap and that is all new parts, not somebody's used blower.

    Maybe if I could discipline myself to save up another $1000 for a blower I would do it, but even then I would still need a dyno tune done and all that, so I wouldn't save money in that department.

  3. I was seriously considering the stage II VT cams, I've heard nothing but good things about them. How much were your heads?
  4. I saw stage 3 heads being sold for over 3 grand to begin with... Why would you have to be worrying about your bottem end... From the looks of things Civics will always OWN YOU!!!
  5. Think about it the best lifters, valve springs, valves, cams.... Your gonna need like 3 grand for it... Head gaskets... ARP Bolts or stock... Then.... Your intake manifold dont match your ports on your heads... You gonna dish out over a grand on intake manfiold... SUPERCHARGER IS REALISTIC!
  6. :D :lol:
  7. Ok, you may be starting to convince me now. I'm assuming that those kits for around $3,000 are all non-intercooled. Is it really safe to run 8 psi non-intercooled on a daily driver? I already know who I would take it to for the tune. Would I be able to make a 3 hour trip before I got the tune?
  8. Its all in the tune!!!! Lets say supercharging would get you to like 360 RWHP... JUST AN ESTIMATE!!! There are people producing 400+ rwhp on stock blocks and heads... Supercharger is safe jus need a good tune and the right pulley!!!
  9. would i be able to put the blower on, then drive 3 hours to get a tune?
  10. Sure, just don't be driving with your foot into the firewall all of the time. :nice:

  11. i wouldn't.
  12. another question, is it possible to make a kit for 96-98 mustangs fit in a 99 and newer? What's different? Just the mounting bracket right?
  13. Nope....Gotta remeber that the '98-'98's use a return fuel system, where the '99-up uses a returnless fuel system.
  14. so the FMU would be different?

  15. From launch how fast did you go up to? I bet you let off below 100mph. On highway I usually hang on till 120 just so they are far enough in my rear view, On the street I hang on till 60 just so I can see them try to keep up so far away....
  16. Im sorry I thought you were PI.

  17. Thats the thing, he was on my ass when I was doing 60 down highway 70. We started from about 70 or so and I had to shift out of 4th at 111, that's when he passed me like I was sitting still
  18. Save money...get blown with a KB Kit.