I need lots more power

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  1. driving

    Work on driving, with all those mods you have you should be in the mid 13's not 14's
  2. I run at 3600 ft elevation, New cobras run mid 13's there.
  3. well then your just gonna have to move
  4. yeah, my times correct to a 13.8 a sea level. I wish I had a track around here that was lower, but still, I need more power. Anybody got a KB for sale?
  5. If I was you I would save for the KB because it allows you to upgrade later on very easily from non-intercooled to intercooled. But I wouldn't install the kit and then drive 3 hours to get it dyno tuned. You could sign up for AAA (if you're not a member yet) and upgrade to the top memberships that allows you large tow zone and have it towed to the shop. My $0.02.

    I've been thinking long and hard about the whole heads/cams/intake thing vs the blower...but the blowers are just so much more efficient if they're well tuned, and they'll pull hard with 4.10s (although 3.73s are recommended for blown cars.) Good luck.
  6. hey kid quick question does your KB has that whine like those 03/04 cobras?
  7. Why not just go the quick, cheap, and easy route with nitrous. After getting outrun by an SRT-4, I bought a Dry Kit from NOS. It cost $400.00 and took about 2 hrs to install. Results...370RWHP and 470 RWTrq. I haven't been outrun since.
  8. I keep going back and forth in my mind between getting a built NA motor or a blower. Right now I am leaning towards a 6 psi KB. My logic is that I only have 27000 miles on the motor thats in the car now, so it seems like a waste to replace it at this point. A 6 psi KB should be well within the safe limits of the stock short block, and coupled with my 4.10s should give me a similar kick in the pants to that of a 9 psi kit with 3.73's (torque wise). Also, the 4.10s coupled with the blower should get me into my power quicker. Traction will be an issue, but probably no more so than a 9 psi kit with the above mentioned 3.73's. When/if the motor does finally let loose it should be many thousands of miles from now. At that time I will get the built bottom end slap on a smaller pulley and enjoy life to the fullest until I rap the car around a tree or another car. In the mean time I will have all the fun that a KB and 4.10s will get me, which should be more entertaining than a built NA motor. At least this is how I feel right now about the subject.
  9. I posted a thred on the Power Adder section about blowers and 4.10s. Got a good reply there about that if you want to check it out.

    I also was dreaming about a N/A motor compared to a SC application, and for me it was the nostalgia effect of a nice lopey cam and the sheer respect of big block power...but in the end a KB 6 psi kit does the job quicker and cheaper. You could also look into a race block from Dart (I just saw one in 5.0 magazine that the stock parts bolt up to) and upgrade to Cobra internals...and then upgrade your KB to the 9 psi intercooled and watch with glee as a shop dyno tunes your ride to well over 400+ rwp that is both street legal and perfectly safe....that's my plan as far as the long term...besides as long as you're in the 400+ rwp club, you can smoke Ferraris and Turbo Porsches :D
  10. Lets not forget that going the blower route won't really hurt your gas mileage until you're into it. Trying to build that kind of power going the N/A route is a good recipe for a 12-14mpg car, all of the time.
  11. Very true...I imagine because you'd be looking at a 6+ Liter engine displacement?
  12. Very good point. You guys have me convinced now to get a blower instead. I think you all should be insurance salesmen. I will save for a used 6 psi kit from KB. Anybody know of a site besides this one that has used superchargers for sale?
  13. I didn't realize that, do they take your mods over the phone like other tuners to get the tune right?
  14. KB's are pretty hot items. Most people don't get rid of them after getting them. Finding a used 4.6L KB is going to be tough. You may just have to swallow it and spring for the new one. Look at it this way....at least you still get the full warranty. :shrug:

    Also, KB kits come with a nearly perfect tune right out of the box (and actually don't recommend a custom tune), so it's not necessary to have a chip reflashed to accommodate the system.
  15. Yeah you can never tell what kind of minute damage a used one may have...I'm in the same boat of not wanting to spend a ton of cash but the new 6 psi kit is the one for me as soon as I can afford it.....insurance salesmen...is that a compliment or an insult? :D

    As far as not getting a custom tune with the KB and relying on theirs, I've heard the same amount of don'ts vs do's. If you want to be 100% sure I'd go with the KB tune and then drive to a performance shop and have it dynoed to check your A/F ratio and all the good stuff...if it all checks out, you're good to go. If it needs adjustment, then you'll know...but I wouldn't drive too far if I was you before getting it checked...that's just me though. Looking forward to seeing that KB kit in your sig man...mine won't have it for a while :nonono:
  16. oh and another thing, you may want to go with 3.73s instead of those 4.10s you got after the KB kit goes on...but that's just me again.
  17. Take it as a compliment :D

    It's gonna take me about 6 months I would think to save for it. Just in time for spring/summer.

    I think I will stick with the 4.10s unless there will be a huge advantage to the 3.73s. And if I do go with the 3.73s, I will do the gears myself.
  18. If you go to the strip, you'll redline 4th just before the traps with 4.10's. That's really why you need the 3.73's.

    Once you have the KB installed, you can either upgrade to the intercooled someday or just put in some cams like VT's blower cams. The right cam's make a huge gain in a supercharged car. Won't need to spend a ton of money for the intercooler and blower cams would add 40-50 hp.
  19. :D Welcome to the club, I ordered mine last week and am awaiting my package (probably hasn't shipped yet). I have done a lot of research and the type of driving I do (street racing, highway, everyday driver) I couldn't find anything else to fit the bill. I can't wait. :banana: :banana:
  20. There's the big advantage I'm talking about. Guess I will have to switch to 3.73s. Oh well, gears are cheap if you do them yourself.

    I will definitely get some cams down the road also. :spot: