I need Rust FREE doors!

Discussion in 'Mustang II Parts' started by danimaltheanima, Oct 19, 2005.

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  1. Ok guys who's got some doors for me. I am leaving for Ohio on Sunday for work just for the week and coming back home. I live north of chicago. I do travel out that way alot but I work construction and times are slowing down this time of the year. I want my car done complete by summer. The only way this is going to be possible is if I can get some doors. And I mean clean rust free doors. Like that seam along the bottom that is always rusted out on most all doors. LIKE THE ONES I HAVE NOW! Well I don't want them. I'm talking almost perfect shape doors. I'm having an extremely expensive paintjob put on this car and do not want the rust coming back in a years time at the bottom of my doors. So if any of you guys out there have some doors you just let me know. I can pick them up depending where I'm at. But like I said I am coming to OHio as of Sunday for a week. I'll be leaving Ohio on Thursday probably. But if they are perfect and somwhere else I'm sure I can figure out a way to schedule my work around the doors we will see. My email is [email protected] if you want to email me some info, pictures and an offer. Thank you for your time.

  2. They're rusted along the bottoms and inner structure. Could be dipped and re-skinned, but he wants em perfect, right?
  3. Well ok your talking about being able to reskin these doors. Where on gods earth can you even find door skins for this car. I know I havn't been able to find them yet.

  4. hairyglass.com but its out of fiberglass, not sheetmetal
  5. I thought one of the partsplaces like Mustangs Unlimited was re-poping the door lower skins?

    I've got two NICE doors here but it's quite an ordeal (and probably $$$) to get them shipped to ya. :shrug:
  6. Well #1 has anyone on here used hairyglasses fiberglass door skins and how did they work out for them? Did they ever crack and break loose from the metal? If anyone knows of a place to at least get the lower part that would be really good I suppose. I'll check into Mustangs Unlimited. As far as shipping those doors you say are really good my zip is 60050 in McHenry IL. If you could maybe check into how much that would cost it may be a thought. Or depending where you are maybe I'll take a road trip. Shoot me off some pics of them doors to if you could. I appreciate all your efforts to answer my questions and give a helping hand in my project. Thank you all.

  7. Probably the only way I'm going to be able to ship these doors is through Forward Air.... if they are near your area. www.forwardair.com I'll have to crate them and they ship by girth, not necessairly weight. I assume you'll want gutted doorshells? Will get some pics ASAP. They're still over at dad's shop (alot of my II stuff still is) as I'm still trying to finish the inside of mine. IIRC they have no rust at all or damage, otherwise they would have been tossed. I should have 2 sets of doors. If I have only one set, I may have to re-cant as I like to have a spare set in fear of all the crazys from California (and their driving habits) have flocked up here in great numbers. We'll see, i'll get back to you with pics. E-mail addy?
  8. The paddock has them (they are actaully starting to get a "few" II parts in thier catalogue now)


    also have a listing for quarter skins as well
  9. I had looked on the paddock site and couldn't find anything about the door skins or anything for a 78 mustang that is. I may have looked in the wrong place.

  10. I will definatly be looking forward to seeing those pics of them doors bud. Thank you for your time.

  11. I apologize, I have yet to get pictures. Gets dark here so dang early now. I got tied up last weekend and byt the time I get out to the ol' man's place it's too dark to get a good pic. Are you sure you're gonna want to ship these things? Probably gonna be awful $$$. I have a guy on here before buying damn near 1/2 the sheetmetal on one of my parts cars and when i took all the time and a few $$ in wood to get it ready to ship, he flaked on me when i gave him the price. Kinda pissed me off and really never wanted to ship big stuff like that again. But- I know how hard finding clean sheetmetal is.
  12. BTW- did you check the Forward-Air website I linked to see if you were even near a terminal? Look under the Locations tab twards the top of the main page. They are probably the cheapest route I'm betting. I can also check if UPS or Fed Ex Ground will even touch them once I get size/measurements.
  13. 351 W. TOUHY AVENUE
    SUITE 150
    DES PLAINES , IL 60018
    This one here is probably about a hair over an hour south east of me. Not to bad at all. You say the $$$ is going to be pretty rediculous. Tell me how much and I'll tell you if I think its going to be worth it. I'd come pick em up but it sounds like you live way out West. Well have to talk price before you get to crazy with crateing themthings up and getting ready to send em. Plus I would want a bunch of detailed pics first. I'm not in to much of a hurry. I just got the entire car top to bottom down to metal and am about to put an acid primer on it. So I'll have plenty of body work and prep to do for a while. Just let me know. We'll figure something out. I just can't beleive you can't get skins for these cars. Thats a heart breaker.

  14. I live in Vancouver, Wa just north of Portland, OR. It's tough to get a quote from Forward-Air without it being crated. But I know for sure that they'll ship it, no problems. I'll have to see.
  15. "You've Got Mail"

    I got 3 doors and want to keep the other 2 for my 3 II's. (Gotta have spares) This door is a driver door off a '76 Mach 1 and is really nice. Still has the trim pins for the Mach1 trim which could be knocked off if not needed. I can, however, go to the yard across the river (Portland) and get another but you'll be paying 'their price" (not sure what it is) plus I'd like just a little extra for spending the afternoon in the downpour pullin' the bastid. They are not that expensive at all though, that's why I go there.
  16. Well how much are we talking here. I'd like to see a pic of the seam at the bottom of the door. That is my main concern I think. My doors are really nice to but that seam at the bottom of the door is just terrible. Maybe shoot me some $$$ and I'll start thinking a little more serious about what I'm going to do for doors.
  17. Sorry, been a little pre-occupied....

    Eh, I dunno, how's $60+ shipping? I'll may leave the window regulator in it because they are riveted in. Shouldn't add too much to the weight. If it makes a difference, I'll remove it. Err need to get you more pics, right? Will hav eto do that 1st thing tomarrow. I'm on graveyard shift right now so things, including my days/nights, are all bass ackwards.:notnice:

    Lemmie know what you think...
  18. Just to let everyone know....a surprisingly cheap shipper that not too many people know about is Greyhound....yes, the bus company....as long as it fits under a bus, they'll ship it SUPER cheap!! I parted out a complete 93 mustang and shipped ALL of the body panels, all over the country, including the big, heavy hatch and I didn't clear 200 bucks. The only bummer is that you have to drop it off to the station and the recipient has to pick it up at the nearby station. Just a thought.
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