I need some help guys.

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  1. I have an 04 cobra with ford racings aluminator in it that we just had rebuilt and dropped in the car this past weekend. We just tried to turn the motor over an hour ago and I am not getting any spark. However the first thing we did is make sure that the machine shop put the striker in. The striker is there and the teeth are facing toward the front. I tried to reload my tune to see if maybe that would work and it did not. I have a bunch of mustang buddies down here that are trying to figure this out with me and one read that the 02 sensors on a modded cobra or mustang in general, if hooked up backwards or wrong could cause there to be no spark. Everything on the wiring harness is plugged in tho. Just need some advice on where to go from here. Thanks
  2. Fuses good? Was ECU remapped to run the motor?
  3. Flash it back to the stock tune?
    Don't know if that's true about O2's, why not try and unplug the upstreams and start it in limp mode?
    Does it start with MAF unplugged?

    Were any modifications made to the harness done while the engine was out?
    Put noid lights on the injectors? Are you getting PWM? Do you have fuel at the rail?
  4. Is the crank position sensor plugged in? (seen this one before)
    Is there adequate clearance between the balancer and the front cover (problem on first Aluminators) possibly causing an issue with the CPS?