I need someones wisdom!

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  1. I have a 65 gt fastback 4spd with a bench seat! I can not prove or have any info that this car came with a bench seat. The coupes and verts had a code for the bench seat. I have talked to the two previous owners and they said the bench was in the car when they got the car. I lost the trail to the org owner! :bang:
    Does anybody possibly have any wisdom on this. It sucks that ford tossed the records on the 65-66. I have a couple sweet fastbacks I would love to have the build sheets on!
  2. The door tag should have the interior code on it. Isn't there a specific code for bench seat?
  3. Bench seats were an option, and it is identified by a code on the door tag as Cheap mentioned. I forget how to decode the tag, but you can enter your door tag into http://fomoco.com/mustang-vin-decoder.shtml and you will get some good information about your car. Hope this helps. Let us know what you find.
  4. If the body style on the door tag reads 63C, then it is an original bench seat car.
  5. That bums me out. The org owner must have changed the seat out! It still looks sweet in the car! 63a A 26 07Q 71 E 5 5 R 09 A 173533.
    My other fastback is a 63B 1 of 5770 made.

    Thanks Guys
  6. Or the door has been changed. Do the other codes come out to the car you have? Our 73 has the original driver's door, but the pass. side was replaced (by us). If it was done a while ago you would probably never even be able to tell by paint (fade/color variation)....
  7. Lucky for me I knew the 2nd owner&the car from when I was a teen. I'm the fourth. The only thing throwing me off is the seat. We are thing that the org owner bought the seat from the dealer after the car was built?
  8. I believe that '68 was the first year you could get a bench in a fastback. Even then they're pretty rare. I have one and while it's neat with the fold-down armrest and all, I think that at some point in the future, it'll be replaced by buckets.
  9. Well, if you were closer, I'd trade you for my buckets. My car is an original bench seat car, I'm not making it original, but it'd be cool to have.