I Need Sum Help About Clutchs For A 2.3t

Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by aaron morris, May 14, 2012.

  1. ok so here is what im doing i got a 93 mustang im doing the 88 TC 2.3 turbo swap an im chaging the bellhousing to cable clutch so. do i need to use the TC flywheel or the 2.3 n/a fly wheel. i got both. just wondering if a 2.3 n/a clutch will work with this motor. the motor is all stock.so not alot of power yet. i wont be modding yet but when i do ill get a better clutch for the power. rit now i just need to get by with sum thing cheap for now.
  2. The clutches are all the same, the only thing that's different between the two as far as I know is the fork.
  3. The turbocoupe clutch is larger in diameter 9 1/4
    The 93 mustang clutch should be 8 1/2
    The flywheel is the same, get it surfaced if you go to the larger clutch disk and pressure plate.