I Need To Get The Stang Back Together

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  1. Howdy everyone hope you are all having a great 2012 so far.

    I have been neglecting the racer in me quite a bit. I love everything to do with cars (except GM rear distributor design) but I'd been squashing all that since it's pretty expensive to just keep my old 73 mustang running let alone kept up enough to participate in any events.

    The lack of activity in our region was driving us to venture further to El Paso and other places where we could autocross, but we have been forced to cut costs and corners so I let all that fall to the wayside.

    And, there is an empty place where all that car stuff was.

    I discovered how much I really missed it when I was forced to work on an old 78 El Camino we foolishly purchased for my nephew. The plan was we would fix the car up and he would finish high school. He flaked out on the finish high school part so we have to sell the car now. So, I jumped under the car and replaced the steering components and some other things. It was freezing and dark due to the time of year but I really enjoyed working on the car. Then I went and played some NFS Undercover with the racing wheel on the Xbox. It was like Mr. Wheeler was back!!

    So what now?

    I need to get my mustang unburied and running.
  2. I uncovered it this weekend and pulled it out of the garage. Next step is to get a spot cleaned in the garage so I can assymble the engine. Apparently I can't just put it together in the living room (side effect of being married?).
  3. Hey', I have that same boom box! :rlaugh:
  4. Still looks good!