I need to stop having car-related conversations with non-car people.

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  1. My wife is convinced that an aero-nose fox body coupe is the same car as a Ford Tempo. :shrug:
  2. Maybe I'm the one who's wrong? Should I go buy a Tempo?
  3. my wife doesn't like fox bodies because they remind her too much of her old escort....
  4. I had a couple of old Escorts. The build quality between a Foxbody and an Escort is identical. That's what makes a Foxbody great. It's the last true Musclecar. It's a basic Ford 2 door with a big engine and rear wheel drive. Nothing more, nothing less.

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  5. I had an ex tell me my 5.0L coupe looked like a Nissan Sentra (not the first believe it or not). Needless to say, she became the "Ex" shortly afterwards. :shutup:
  6. What would they think of an 1985 LTD Lx, essentially a 4 door Fox??
  7. This makes a lot of sense. Perhaps I owe my wife an apology. :oops: