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  1. Asked my uncle about a po box, and he said they want a physical address
  2. Well, tell them it's one big PO box. :)
  3. Yeah the PO box won't work, tried it.

    In Georgia we don't have the option of classic plates on a car as new as the 87+ Fox cars. We do however have an option were if you prove you spent a certain amount of money to try and fix the problem they will tag you for the year. I think it's $400. Although I don't think they would tag it if they don't see all the smog equipment on the car, doubt it.

    I do what the previous poster advised and have been for years. My sister lives in a county that doesn't require testing so I use her address. They usually try to hassle me at the tag office because my license doesn't have an address in that county. That's when you start BS'ing. I have to go round with them but they usually cave, thank god they hire elderly women :). If you decide to go this route use a money order when it comes time to pay for your tags. Don't send a check that has any type of address info.

    Oh and be prepared to have to BS cops if you get pulled over too. My car is registered in one county, licnese has another county and my insurance is listed in a different county than the other two. It confuses cops

  4. Land of the free..........BS ...what is going on.... you can't do what you want to your car without out big brothers OK! This is an outrage....:mad: :nono: :shrug: :bs: :bang::jaw:
  5. I'll run your 466 :D
  6. Looks like im going to try and get the collector's plates first. I have pics of the entire swap from start to finish along with all my receipts totalling over $6500 in parts. If that doesn't work (i'll be very surprised if i dont get them) then it looks like i will have to "re-locate".
  7. Don't attack America for making you smog your car. Hell, it isn't even a federal law.

    It'd be a hell of a hassle, but i wonder if you could buy an exhaust system with cats and get the stock smog equipment, and when you have to get an e-check swap everything out.

    Worse comes to worst, make a good friend with another fox-body and swap the motors and exhaust :)

    Nevermind all that crap, just move to florida and never have to worry about smogging your car again.
  8. I left California because of their strict emissions CRAP. My car wouldn't pass. EVER. lol

    So, I moved to Arizona....LOLLLL
  9. That's pretty decent. Mine is 1 of 767. Some guys have it down to 1 of 100 or even less.
  10. my 87 vert was 1 of 57 in its original form.
  11. Dang I thought Ohio got rid of Echeck all together. Drop me a PM with your questions, I have a lawyer that can check on it for free for me.
  12. i know someone whos truck wouldnt pass emissions, so he took his buddys truck, the same color to the testing site. they didnt check if the vins matched. you may try that if you have a buddy with a stock black fox notch
  13. Thx, I'll shoot ya a PM if the collector plates dont work out.
  14. Register in a different county... By the way, the engine swap is also illegal if it's not the exact same type of production engine that you're swapping. You can replace an engine, just not change to another type/size/aspiration.
  15. I think mine is 1 out of 40 something.