I need your opinion on a '93 2.3l lx 'vert

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  1. It will be my first car so I am a little uneasy about it. I just want to know if it would be worth buying and putting money into it, or if I should find something else. I really want a Mustang, and this is the first to pan out for me. I feel like this car needs some love, and by the looks of things, there aren't a lot of them left. The inside has been kept pretty well. Minor rust on the tailgate. Minor accident damage on the drivers side. The driver window does not work and the half window in the back on the driver side is broken loose and wobbles around due to the accident damage (looks like it was backed into at low speed). The top still goes up and down on its own, but leaks a little I believe. It has 130k miles on it. The a/c works pretty well. The engine felt pretty good as well. I didn't see any leaks or anything out of place (I'm not very experienced, but I can tell when something is broken). Slight deep whistle when accelerating, but I think its just the intake. The tranny felt okay, maybe a little slip when I tried to accelerate full throttle. The brakes were a little squishy, but felt okay overall. Thats all I can think of right now, sorry if it is all pointless info. I just want a more experienced opinion on the car, and maybe some things to look out for when I go back in a couple days. Thanks for you help guys.

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  2. Well if you really want a Mustang then I would get it. These cars are fun to work on. I own a 1991 Mustang lx 2.3 hatchback and love it to death. If you have the funds to fix it up then go ahead and get it and fix it up. It would be a great car to go on a cruise in.
  3. I would make a few recommendations...

    First, the Auto's on these cars are totally, complete trash. I can't recommend them at all, and being your first car I am sure you are probably not rolling in cash when you get home. Get a five speed, you will be so much happier and the car will bet more reliable and get better fuel economy to boot.

    Secondly, are you getting a convertible because you have always wanted one, or are you getting it because you are tired of trying to find a coupe or hatch that fits your needs? I ask, because if you have any plans for the future regarding performance, I would stay away from the 'verts. The chassis are wobbly enough in coupe and hatch form, they are really hopeless in convertible trim. If you want to just cruise with the top down, then that is fine.

    Lastly, you are correct about these cars getting rarer. The biggest thing I found in my latest Mustang search was that these cars are rusting away. You need to crawl underneath and check the torque boxes (where the rear control arms attach to the body) as well as the floor pans and the front strut towers. These spots will rust, and they CAN be costly to fix, especially if you have to pay someone else.

    Incidentally, I see that the car is on what appears to be a buy here, pay here used car lot. I know that times can be tough, and you may not have a ton of cash and need to finance, but these cars are not worth more than $1500 dollars for a nice example, please try not to buy one for $2995, you are really doing yourself a dis-service. I work at a used lot, I know how these things work, and that dealership likely has no more that $600-$800 invested in that car.
  4. twighlight is right on the money