I Now Understand what the 2005 Mustang GT is All About

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  1. Those are some slick lookin SN95s :banana:

  2. Another epoisode of seinfeld :banana: :banana:
  3. Heres my bubble car :D well for now anyway.


    just so you know Im not Bised I used to own a 66 Coupe when I was in H.S, not a bad first car for a 17 yr old. To be honest Id take my EFI 95 5.0 any day over another classic Mustang. Dosent mean mines any better or any worse, just means we all have diffrent tastes in what Mustangs we like.
  4. See, just insult the SN95 guys and we'll turn this thread around. :nice:

  5. Thanks!!! I guess my car is bland huh motoread? Bubbly maybe... but not bland.

  6. Your car has a body kit...of course its going to stand out a bit.I didn't say I would rather drive a civic,just as far as mustangs go,I don't really like the bodystyle. Sure I liked the saleen carbon fiber wide body in those years but alot of cars look better with bodykits. I've heard people tell me they don't like the fastback mustangs,I don't care it's thier opinion.Your car looks sweet by the way :nice:

  7. considering its been in 5.0 Magazine I wouldnet call it to bland either :D
  8. Nevermind... I'll just go back to my hole with my bubble car. :nonono:

  9. THANKS! I LOVE the fastbacks BTW! I wouldn't own anything but one of them if I were to buy a '60's stang.
  10. well bubble is not the correct term, the sn95's from the 94-98 (as the 99-04 is still a sn95) had softer body lines, or a rounded contour not bubble. Bubble would define some of the 60's future cars with those big plexi-glass bubble tops and 6ft tails from the jet age of design, or maybe as a far stretch the 40s cars and there large rounded shapes like the 47 Ford and such.

  11. LOL! :D I wouldn't either but I'm biased. :rlaugh:
  12. Let's not all argue in here about which Mustang is a bubble car. I think that all Mustangs are unique in their own way. They are all nice cars either way. The Mustang is and will be an American icon.

    I love the Mustang and its American heritage just like I love the expensive cigars that I smoke. Let's face it. The Mustang is the BEST looking muscle car out there, whether or not it has or doesn't have any scoops on it. And that's a given.
  13. You again? I thought we just cleaned this thread up. :rlaugh:

    Scoops and cigars..... what a combo.

    Two scoops or 4? I prefer 4 and yes the ones in my hood are open too. :D
  14. [​IMG]

    Bubbles? Bland? LOL hahaha. Maybe the VW Bug or something. The new 05 is decent, i think it needs some nice wheels and something else to complete the look.....but i think the Mustang needs to keep evolving and not moving back into time. Does that mean in another 20 years they are gonna make more mustangs like the mustang II or fox bodys? lol Just my opinion though.....
  15. Ya know that was about the best post I have seen you make. Now if you can just refrain from starting anymore threads about scoops.

    I think the whole point about the mustang is that nearly everyone has a favorite body style. I don't like the 99-04's as much as I like the 94-98. I'm also not a big fan of the 71-73 years. That does not mean I do not appreciate a mustang of those years. It just means that bodystyle is not one I will buy.
  16. No but you should also recognize the styling cues that are on your mustang. That came from the original 60's stangs.

  17. Well said...i agree :cheers:

    Ofcourse! Im not saying that you cant have styling cues from the 60's stangs. Thats what makes it so unique...that the small things like the scoops on the sides have made it through the years. I just dont like when they try to do this new millenium look with the 60's look. Its like putting a 2 things together that instead of using ideas from the past and creating something new.

    Perfect example....the new Corvette. They could not have done that any better! But im sure there are guys who still hate GM for taking away the lights...but guys these cars have to keep changing...they cant look the same way they did when they first came out.

    Anyway, it doesn't matter, i will think what i think, you will think what u think and so will everyone else. The point is that this is a mustang website....we are all supposed to be Family. I just didn't like how it seemed like some guys were raggin on our cars. Save that hatred for the GM crap and rice burners cause i will be more than willing to step up to the plate next spring looks AND performance wise to anyone with an 05 and show them how its done.

  18. The thing is that Retro styling is the in styling right now. Not just at Ford but many other automakers. It's just the way things are going now. For those who don't like it. It will be gone in a few years.

    Now as far as GM is concerned I am actually bummed out that they gave up on the camaro. I liked the competition between the cars.
  19. I am glad that you brought up the styling ques of the 60's. The Mustang's styling ques of the mid and late 60's (1965 to 1970) are the BEST styling ques around for the Mustang. The Mustang GT back in the 60's was designed by Americans, not by foreigners from other countries. And the 2005 Mustang GT was "also" designed by Americans. The Mustang is different than some other cars of today. For example, the Nissan 350Z was designed by a foreigner who is a non-american and who is from India. I have nothing against the automotive engineers from India, Japan or Germany but they currently all have crappy rounded-looking automotive designs. We must keep American cars like the Mustang GT away from foreign non-american designers who can ruin the way the car looks. Keep the Mustang American. I think that Ford has done things right by creating, designing and by building the 2005 Mustang. It is an American work of art that was created, designed and built by Americans for Americans who cherish and who love this country and the American automotive industry. I salute all Americans in here who love the Mustang GT as much as I do. Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! :D
  20. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One of the most POPULAR classic Mustang designs was the 1969 & 1970 Boss 302, designed by Larry Shinoda, son of Japanese immigrants. The 1963-1967 Corvette Sting Ray and the original 1967 Z/28 Camaro were also penned by Shinoda, who left GM to join Ford around mid-67 if my memory is correct. The Chief Engineer of the 2005 Mustang was Hau Thai Tang, Vietnamese immigrant! Yes, PLENTY of "Americans" (whatever that is, considering America is a melting pot of all races and ethinicities) were involved in Mustang styling. But your statements are flat ignorant, borderline racist, and you haven't the SLIGHTEST CLUE who designed these cars, you couldn't name a single name if your flippin entire real estate portfolio was hanging in the balance.... :nonono: