I Now Understand what the 2005 Mustang GT is All About

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  1. Yea i agree with you man. The trend is retro styling...thats why i gave the example of the corvette....because they redesigned it but tastefully advanced the look of it.
  2. So much for cleaning up this thread huh? :D
  3. I think plainer more sophisticated look is becoming the popular look in new cars today... If you haven't notice ALMOST every damn car has vents, wings, or a cheap speed/sporty look to it right off the production lines.. even if it isn't fast. I think rather then produce a "sleeper" Ford is attempting to introduce a more european/expensive looking body style with some classic cues from the 60's. Look how they redesigned the interior, they are trying to seal the gap between euro cars and american.
  4. Pricks,
    When I say Americans, I am also including the immigrants who have converted and who have become American citizens. I am not including the ones who are still legal alien residents. I was not wrong in what I said in my previous post. I forgot to clarify that an American includes one who is an immigrant who is a legal American citizen. Anybody else who designs our American cars who is an immigrant and who is not an American citizen is NOT an American. And I am not a racist. Maybe you got your facts wrong Pricks.
  5. 99-04
    05 :nice:
    I love both..........cant we all just get along :flag:
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  7. Who is this Ron Jeremy guy that you are always referring me to? I am not him and I do not have any affiliation with any Ron Jeremy. So please stop saying that I am Ron Jeremy.

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  11. I think he enjoys baiting you guys. He always gets a huge rise from everyone anytime he posts and you guys just swallow hook, line, and sinker every time by arguing and answering his posts. Why would you lower yourselves to this level?

    I can't stand to read all the posts on this subject but my unsolicited advice is just ignore these individuals that have a known reputation for BS.

    "It's all over folks. Nothing to see here. Move along"
  12. I'm sure he does. I think Ron Jeremy was the same way.
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  14. The reference above to Ron Jeremy is about another TOOL on this forum whose forum name is "Ron Jeremy"
  15. I don't understand how anyone can think a mustang is a sleeper. :shrug: I love the new body style. Never cared much for the fox bodies, they just don't look like a mustang to me. the 94 - 97s(?) before they refined the body, I think look pretty sharp. The fact is, I wouldn't turn down any mustang.
  16. This is pretty funny... I haven't been reading this forum much, but you guys are awfully defensive about the '05. Personally, I like it, but some of you guys act like it's God's personal car... Accept some criticism, and get over it...
  17. Obviously you haven't been reading the forum much or you'd know about the constant line of BS that PeformanceRed spews (he was termporarily banned for it not long ago). The first time he posted about the lack of scoops on the '05, I said OK, it's his opinion and that's cool. But he went on and on and on about it so I had to say something (along with most of the forum BTW). Perhaps before coming in here and throwing out accusations, you might want to do some reading so you will know what the hell is going on.

    And if you don't like my criticism of you....get over it!
  18. Fine, but you're proving exactly what I'm saying... It goes beyond this thread. The other one about the guy who supposedly went 13.2s with his auto is the same way...
  19. I'm not proving anything for you. Check that thread out and find my posts and tell me exactly how I'm acting like "it's God's personal car". People post criticisms all the time about the '05 and I rarely respond to them. Other's do and you should be directing your criticism at them and not me.
  20. Jeeeezzzzus....14, that's huge. Wow, talk about giving the guy credit, DAMN.

    Oh never mind, years, gotcha.

    Very valid point. I don't know any male over the age of 30 who doesn't know who ron jeremy is. Hell they did a SPECIAL on him. HBO I think. The man is an icon.

    I was willing to give performance red the benefit of the doubt, the first 80 or so times he ranted about his kazillions, and his scoops.

    But this guy is clearly in need of education and puberty.