I ordered my Vortech SQ S Trim!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Grn92LX, Nov 7, 2004.

  1. will you stop causing trouble already Mike?? Man you are one headache get that damn car fired up already. ;)
  2. :nice:

  3. Mr. "I'm on the front cover of the new Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords" magazine has spoken...heed his words lol
  4. So, is a breather ok or what? Or do I have to rig up something with my stock vortech inlet?
  5. A breather is fine, two is even better.
  6. I realized theres a port on the stock vortech inlet pipe that can be tapped. I'm going to tap it and run the pcv bypass hose there.

    I'm almost finished but lately I havent been working on it. No time and i'm too tired after work to work on it. Hopefully this weekend I can finish, but once i'm done im not gonna getto heavily into boost.

    Grover, I saw that you dynoed. How was your a/f with 42's and no chip?

  7. Congrats on the Vortech....... My Novi should be here tomorrow or Friday. I been rounding up parts too. Bosh 110 bypass, 1" hose, Autolite 23's, Kirban AFPR & gauge, Autometer sport comp vac/boost gauge. Still need to get the bypass fittings nad whatever else I haven't thought of yet.

    There's so much stuff you gotta get after buying the blower, what a PITA.

    Oh, any tips?
  8. Mike

    I got a custom chip made, so my A/F is a sweet 11.5/1 thru the rpm range ;)
  9. Grover - do you have a stock bottom end? Any problems? Are you happy with the AFR 165 or would you go 185s with your same combo?
  10. yes stock bottom end.

    I think the 165's are more than enough for a 302.

    If I were doing a 331 or 347 then I would go with the 185's

    I have had no problems other than that POS black Magic fan killing itself.
  11. Read the instructions to become familiarized with the overall install. You have a novi 1000 so you wont be installing a T rex pump. That saves you a lot of hassle since doing a t rex by your self is a pain in the balls. Theres so many little things involved in the install that make it a PITA. In a way I kinda wish I would have just built a n/a 347 instead, but that was gonna cost a lot to do right. Do like me and take your time with the install. I'm in no rush at all and i'm slowly working as I have time and as I feel motivated. I'm hoping to pick up a used pms soon from a guy. Then some 42lb injectors and a powerpipe. Never f'n ends :rolleyes:
  12. Oh come on Mike the inline pum is simple.

  13. The inline pump was the biggest **** of the entire install. Trying to do it when its dark out at night and 42* out :)
  14. Update: Wow you guys are gonna get a kick out of this :) I pulled the blower after getting fed up with a few things. I pulled the whole kit off except the T rex. I'm gonna do that when I have a chance. I decided I am gonna go the n/a route and build a stroker like I had originally planned. I am selling the kit. Just make a Reasonable offer. Lowball offers will be refused so don't waste your time :) It still IS a brand new kit.

    I am talking with Rick now about a 342. I should have went with my orignal plan. Oh well. I figured i'd update you fella's.

  15. Wow.....thats kinda like watching a good movie and missing the ending. In any case, good luck with the N/A route, i'll start a similar thread in March to this one and i promise my blower will stay on :nice:
  16. Since you plan on running the a/c delete like me you'll have the same problem I did. The belt will not work w/o getting at least a cobra water pump pulley which is smaller since with the way the tensioner mounts it makes the belt hit the water pump. To do it right you'd need a larger ps pump pulley as well. You wont know what I mean until you see it for yourself. Good luck with your install. I'm definatly glad I pulled mine!
  17. Buy the march alternator bracket, it likes 60 bucks. It moves the belt plenty far away from the water pump pulley

    EDIT: nevermind, i forgot that the alternator gets relocated
  18. lame.

    stroker is nice though.
  19. Will do, thanx for the tip and good luck with the stroker. :)

    Now if only someone could tell me the best way, deffinetly, to tune the car...:shrug:

  20. Definatly not lame for me, joe. Buying a s/c for my car was a horrifically bad mistake on my part. Should have went with my first choice and all these things gone wrong with the blower starting from day 1 when ups attempted to deliver it are all signs that it WAS a mistake. All said and done, the stroker will be way more fun to drive since a lot of my driving is under 3000 anyway where a blower wouldnt really be making any power. I just prefer the n/a route along with an engine bay easy to work on. Too each their own.

    interceptorstang, look into a pms or a tweccer rt if you wanna tune yourself.