I ordered my Vortech SQ S Trim!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Grn92LX, Nov 7, 2004.

  1. "All said and done, the stroker will be way more fun to drive since a lot of my driving is under 3000 anyway "

    Do you ever get on the throttle? My stroker rev'd so quick it was useless under 3000 rpm because of traction issues. Honestly I wish motor had less until 3000 so it could hook. Once moving though it was a blast being pinned in the seat.
  2. bah

    nice, simple,clean.
  3. If your bottom end had good oil pressure and decent compression yet on all 8 I would have kept the supercharger route. Out of the box that s-trim would have belted out 500 to the wheels on a dynojet with a decent tune. You say you drive mostly 3000 rpm's and under but have you ever ridden in a blown h/c/i fox. First and Second gears will be useless any route you take, and there's nothing like the feeling of pushing you further and further back into your seat like a high windin' centrifigal. I was in the same position you're in and I went with a novi 1000 and will be adding a 8 in crank/powerpipe hoping for 475 + rwhp. Good luck with either choice; I'm sure the end result will be great.

    Later, Matt :flag:
  4. stroker snobs....

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  7. hopefully after you go with your N/A 347 you wont wish you had gone with a stroked 351 :D
  8. I've had the Paxton on for a couple days now. I think I'm going to pull a Grn92LX and sell mine too. Not building any conciderable boost till after 5,000 RPM's is rediculous. Hell the motor is done by that time and I need to shift.

    What a waste of time and money. :bang:
  9. i'll do you a favor and give you 10 dolla for it, it is used after all.

  10. belt slip? I told you in that other thread to go with a vortech for a few bucks more :p The SQ's step up ratio is better and it'll produce boost sooner. I know soemone selling an SQ kit :) lol You could get a powerpipe. UPR makes one for $100. Think about it before you go and pull it all off. I'm extremely happy I pulled mine it was the right choice for me, but I can't speak for you. What I can say is adding aftermarket parts is never as simple as it seems.
  11. PNY PWR, you have an issue or major belt slip.....
  12. "And landed him this "

    Looks to me like now he has some great paper weights for this desk.

    Strokers are cool and do free up more room under the hood but I'm still selling my forged 331ci shortblock to fund a SC setup.
  13. PNY PWR - you should notice a increase in power by 2800 rpm. I noticed a HUGE difference when I put the blower on my car. Something is not right with your setup.
  14. Wow Mike, I saw your vortech for sale on another site and thought WTF!? So you are going NA again... why don't you throw your car on the dyno and get it tuned AS IS so you can see the true potential of your NA 302 combo. I know there has to be more in it that what you are seeing. Good luck with the stroker... that's the route I would have taken too.
  15. Oh, know what else I did? I forgot and left the Superchip in there. Every time the boost would start it would ping it's nuts off. Obviously the chip ramps the timing. Pulled the chip and at least stopped that.

    Checked the belt last night. It was a little looser than when I put it on. I tightened it and went for e test run. Was able to pull 6psi at around 6,000. I've went over everything close, it's all tight and sealed. Pulling 16" of vac at idle and very quick vac cut-off when I hit the throttle.

    Kirban AFPR, FP gauge, and 180 t-stat just got here, I'll slap those on and see if it helps a bit.

    Maybe I need that 8" crank pulley :shrug:
  16. No doubt about that huh.

    Just curious, what are you going to put that s/c on :shrug: I went with a big stroker and was rewarded with a shakedown pass mph of 126.66 :hail2: in my 3308lb pig. Just me.
  17. Paul, nothings set in stone yet. I am still debating what to do next. I am considering swapping out my intake and cam for a holley and a jay allen custom. Doing a stroker is expensive, but I must say Rick gave me a nice price on a shortblock ;) Since our local track got shut down for good its hard to make a decision. If I swap the intake and cam I may also do some nitrous again. Again, I dont know exactly what I want, but I do need to sell this supercharger. If Anyones interested, plese lemme know!!